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You can call me lorelei, or mother witch. She looks at the viewer with a grin and intertwines her left hand.

Daily Cat Drawings Cat drawing, Cats illustration, Cats

This drawing was gathering dust in my procreate files.


Cat sitting drawing tumblr. This is a refined version of something i doodled recently. There are various green plants in the background. Clawdeen wears a black and gold dress with a pink shawl around the arms.

X marvel x mcu x mcu fanart x buckynat x winterwidow x bucky x natasha x natasha romanoff x black widow x bucky barnes x winter soldier x liho the cat x alpine the cat x fighting artblock one buckynat fanart at the time x so what i already have other buckynat fanart like 90% done x the last 10% is always the longest x and has highest chance of. The wild and crazy hellenic witch. Realistic cat drawing tumblr black cat sitting illustration realistic cartoon black cat za7n6dxkvkqjzm.

Ghoulia wears a blue jumpsuit with a black jacket and a red belt, and a pair of red shades. The noise grew and grew until it was unmistakable as an angry growl, and the heroes’ gazes all locked onto a certain member of their party who was sitting apart from the rest, watching the cat with narrowed eyes, his teeth bared. Drive by shoop da whoop.

Jon is laying down on a couch, his head propped up on the armrest and a grey pillow. ( (i have way too many interests)) hello welcome to my art blog. He is a thin persian person with long curly dark hair, wearing an oversized sweater that hangs off their shoulder and exposes a large scar on their chest.

She/her/they/them loves felines & lego. A grey cat is lying across one half of his face, paw thrown over his nose, seemingly asleep. He is eating round pastry and petting the cat.

The wild and crazy hellenic witch. A pencil sketch of jon sitting cross legged with a cat in his lap. I had a lot of fun drawing this and it was a nice change of.

The cat’s eyes opened wide and it started to struggle slightly and legend had to cling to it so as not to drop it. Appeal is a big thing to consider. Four drawings of characters from the musical cats, drawn as actual, quadrupedal cats.

The top one, bustopher jones, lies on top of a top hat with a spoon in his mouth. The background is a plain brown yellowish, a hue reflected in the entire drawing. They are unfocused and look uncomfortable.

It is sitting on its hind legs with its front paws held up in front of itself.] Both have blocks of text pointing towards them. It’s not great, but it’s something.

The original looked like the melted face of an old school startrek alien. I am a solitary eclectic witch, also a hellenic pagan oathbound to artemis and devoted to hestia and melinoe. How to draw a basic cat sitting youtube draw a cat portrait drawing in any style or realistic by cat kitten animals pet cartoon sticker distressed grunge realistic

Cat sitting company caring for downtown toronto's furry feline friends! They are smiling down at the cat in. A digital drawing of a catboy, theo, sitting at the top of a cat tree.

I have a hard relationship with this one, and i did learn from it: Art #cat illustration #aromantic #aro #aro awareness week more you might like [image description: Their skin is dotted with scars.

A digital drawing of clawdeen, ghoulia, rochelle and venus against a transparent background. A wild woman with a wild love for the rhein, living a wild life in germany with many cats. Digital art digital illustration drawing digital drawing.

The person in the background is facing to the left. Catboy in the cat tree what will he do [id: 1.5m ratings 277k ratings see, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The person in the foreground is facing forward and focused on their laptop. Expect to see a wide range of doodles ranging from 5 minute pencil scratchings to full illustrations. They are sitting side by side in the chair, the rabbit on the left and the cat on the right.

Having a single subject matter forces me to explore new designs and experiment. Not my cup of tea, apparently. He has his eyes closed and is smiling.

See more posts like this on tumblr. Pencil sketch on notebook paper of two people sitting at desks in front of laptops. A digital painting of a sitting fluffy sparkly opal colored cat with closed eyes.

Mistoffelees, prancing along with his eyes. Downtown tabby cat sitting company caring for downtown toronto's furry feline friends! The rabbit is wearing a blue bomber jacket and a white shirt.

Hobby artist who lives in australia, has add/adhd draws a lot of oc/fan stuff, demipansexual, born 1986. She laughs as she looks at the viewer and holds ghoulia’s arm. The cat is wearing a white hoodie with blue sleeves and a pink hood that says “rainbow squad” in rainbow letters.

Sounds perfect wahhhh, i don’t wanna. Also i draw a lot of chibi cute cartoon/anime like. Cats, comics, and burbank since may, artist seo kim has been posting cute daily comics on tumblr, garnering thousands of followers in the process.

This is some good practice for figuring out fundamentals of a character design. I had this drawing sitting in my pc for months, and i decided to finish it today. This is a blog where i sketch all sorts of cats to meet my daily drawing goals.

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