Draw Spongebob Sketch Step By Step

Step by step lesson : Now draw 2 ovals for eyes.

How to draw Crab. Easy drawing, step by step, perfect for

And then focus on the face, by drawing those big eyes spongebob has, the nose and the big mouth, with the two teeth you all know from the cartoons.


Draw spongebob sketch step by step. Step by step lesson : Don’t worry about mistakes because you can erase these later. Don’t worry about mistakes because you can erase these later.

Draw the shape of the hands, fingers and legs. This will be the basic shape for spongebob squarepants' body. Later, you will be using a pen or marker to outine the ‘right’ lines.

Don’t forget to sketch the shoes. Time to draw the clothes: Also draw spongebob’s pants by drawing a rectangle like shape below the squiggly lines that you drew in step #2.

But in this case he is jumping up, which jolted his body backwards, thus shifting the contours of his square body. How to draw spongebob squarepants. To draw nickelodeon's spongebob squarepants, start by drawing a rectangle near the middle of the page.

Would like to know how to draw spongebob square pants? How to draw twisted spongebob. If you prefer to draw spongebob in a standing position, you will need to draw a flat square.

Draw the long sides about 1 1/2 times longer than the short horizontal lines. Draw a narrow rectangle below the original square. Make the rectangle as large as you want your spongebob's head to be.

Draw bumpy lines over edges of the initial body contours so it gives an impression of spongy texture. Now you have to draw spongebob’s eye lens. The way i told you that we have to adopt the right way, to make this drawing, friends, the right way is that you will have to start making this drawing with its eyes.

How to draw spongebob squarepants doing the wave step 1. Always follow the sketches of the limbs you made in the previous step. Next draw a vertical line down the.

Then on the right side of the rectangle, draw in three straight lines to make the shape should look like a brick on its end. Now you should make a cross in the center of spongebob. Step:4 draw eye lenses of spongebob drawing.

Draw three short lines on the top and bottom of the eye for the eyelashes of this whale from spongebob squarepants. The vertical line will help us to find the center of the face and the horizontal line will help us to draw eyes. Inside the eye, draw an even smaller circle for the pupil.

Later, you will be using a pen or marker to outine the ‘right’ lines. Note that the rectangle should be slightly narrowed to the bottom. Spongebob’s body should look spongy.

Draw spongebob squarepants’ shirt sleeves by drawing a letter ‘l’ shape on the left and a backwards letter ‘l’ on the right side. How to draw spongebob step by step + funny sketch and picture. Draw a slightly bent square.

To the right of the square, draw a curved rectangle to create a three dimensional effect. Step by step drawing tutorial step 1. It is time to start to erase the excess pencil lines and draw more exact body outlines.

Draw spongebob’s shirt collars by drawing a letter ‘w. How to draw patrick star | spongebob. First draw a circle with a little bit of a lip at the bottom (as shown above).

Also draw the pants legs. Just draw the circle inside the two eyes, then the lenses will turn out. Inside the head, on the left side, lightly sketch a small circle for pearl's eye.when you get the size and placement of the eye right, darken the shape.

To draw eyes, first of all, we have to draw two circles, which are combined with each other, which we saw in the image of this step. How to draw gary the snail from spongebob squarepants : Note that these lines should be crossed at the center of the rectangle.

See more ideas about spongebob drawings, spongebob, drawings. Don’t worry about mistakes because you can erase these later. Drawing any animation characters is a perfect lesson and spongebob is simply among such instances.

All you have to do is take care of that in the eyes that you have to draw a circle, it should be absolutely perfect. Tie, pants, belt, shirt and socks. Begin by drawing a large, curved square.

Add arms and legs to your character. Later, you will be using a pen or marker to outine the ‘right’ lines. Draw a vertical rectangle with squiggly lines to make the head.

At first draw a rectangle. How to draw sandy cheeks | spongebob. Sketch out the lines of symmetry.

Now let's sketch the shape of this cartoon character's body, as shown in the drawing. Step:1 start draw with spongebob eyes.

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