How Do You Convince Your Parents To Get You A Phone

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When i was 12 years old i was craved to hear ‘ yes, this christmas you can purchase a phone ‘, & one day my mother said the same. To convince your parents to get you an iphone, start by asking them if they can sit down and talk at a relaxed, convenient time, like on the weekend.

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In simple terms, you can’t.


How do you convince your parents to get you a phone. If you get rejected means, they reject your demand, take some time, and prepare a new strategy to convince your parents. Before you plan on convincing your parents to get a phone, you have to show signs of responsibility. Ask for a phone you know your parents can afford without straining.

You can even start doing chores they didn. Part 1 showing your parents you are responsible. Ask with gratitude, show appreciation!

You need to counter your parents’ reasons why you shouldn’t get a phone, so find an argument against each of the reasons you just listed. Make and stick to, a budget. I was very happy on that day, like this you can also convince your parents to get you a phone by following below mentioned methods:

Remember to do your homework and chores every day. 10 sure ways to get whatever you want from your parents. If the phone you want your parents to buy you is your first phone, ask for a simple phone.

Another way to get your privilege up to them is to convince your parents that sweet iphone is the one you want to help them pay. Trade what you want for what you can do. Don't worry if you slip up once or twice.

Take care of all of your expensive belongings. You can speak up about your opinion, reasons, and explanation, but don’t get into a debate. Convincing your parents comes down to showing your parents that you need a phone, that you are responsible, and that you can do your share.

Most social media has a lower age limit of higher than 12. However, don’t argue with them. It may take a while before you get your phone.

This will show your parents that you are taking your agreement seriously, which will result in your parents taking it seriously as well. Take a good, honest, hard look at your grades before you make your request. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Further, social media is a bad neighborhood that no one (even adults) should walk in alone. It may take longer than that. I want to feel you trust me.

Lol i would start by asking, “what do i need to do get the new phone that. It’s not getting better, it’s getting worse. Even if your parents have a lot of money, ask for an affordable phone.

Contents [ hide] 1 reasons to convince your parents to buy you a phone. My first trainer in sales taught us, as one our first lessons, “the answer is always no until you ask!” that being said, when my daughter asked for a new iphone, i said no. Your parents get what you want from you and vice versa.

In addition to making good argumentative points, you should show your parents that you’re responsible enough to merit a smartphone. How do you convince your parents to buy you a phone? I want to learn responsibility.

Moreover, your parents might consider the smartphone as the additional tool for an additional distraction. See you family’s financial condition I got my daughter a phone in year 7 , a simple none smart phone that she can ring in an emergency or i can contact her.anyway she wasn't happy , and wouldn't even touch it ,so i had no choice but to buy her a smart phone ( a low end samsung) which.

If you want to get a ph. People are so conscious of their money and so are your parents too. Show your parents that the phone won’t cost as much as they think, or explain to them how you will help pay for it.

Take care of your current possessions. Stay on top of your chores. Don't expect you to get your phone after just a week of doing chores;

You can speak up about your reasons, opinion, and explanation, but do not get into a discussion or debate. If you get declined, take some time and prepare another strategy to convince your parents. Keep track of your current phone and other electronics.

Get the other four points then come and read this one. Do not raise your voice, improve your arguments: How do you convince your parents to buy you a phone?

Then, explain how having an iphone can help you organize things like school work and extracurricular activities. You do not need a phone. By planning what you’re going to say, talking to your parents, and accepting their response, you’ll be on your way to a new phone.

Ways to convince parents for a phone. People who need phones usually have jobs and other grown up responsibilities to attend to and are responsible enough to pay. This includes not being addicted to devices you already have and taking good care of your belongings, such as school supplies, video games and clothes.

Keep what you do have, whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or flip phone, in good shape. Keep (or get) your grades up.

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