How Long Do You Have To Pay Alimony In Ny


You sacrificed higher pay during the marriage or now have a reduced earning capacity due to the sacrifices made, such as delayed higher education, job training, employment opportunities, etc. The lower of the two results was the first calculation of $24,011.

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Garnishment is a way to collect money owed on a judgment by ordering the payor (social security) to pay the money directly to the person to whom it is owed.


How long do you have to pay alimony in ny. That term can be shorter or longer. For the purposes of this section, we will keep it simple. $7,500 divided by 12 is $625 per month.

Wondering, “do i have to pay alimony?” in general, you have to pay alimony to allow your spouse to maintain the lifestyle you provided them. If the marriage lasted between 15 years and 20 years, you may pay spousal support for between 30% and 40% of the total time you were married 236, alimony may be ordered if:

Then use the same step 2 formula as above. That equals a total income combined of $110,820. For a marriage lasting up to 15 years, maintenance is expected to last 15% to 30% of the length of the marriage.

Today, alimony is usually paid in only about 10% of all cases. The duration of payments is determined by a judge in new york family court. Put an end date on alimony payments.

We use 40% of that, which is $44,328, minus the payee’s income, and it equals $25,858 per year. The payments will simply terminate. If they own a house worth over $500,0o0 and no mortgage, sally will get $250,000 cash when it is sold.

Alimony payments do not have to be a lifelong affair. The courts will look at your spouse’s earning potential, not their income. How long must alimony be paid?

Yes, based solely on the incomes, this would be a case for spousal maintenance. If your marriage between 15 years and 20 years, the duration of maintenance may be between 30% and 40% of the total. If your marriage lasted up to 15 years, the duration of maintenance may be between 15% and 30% of the total time you were married;

As long as the couple remains married. Temporary alimony—also known as alimony pendente, this award needs to be paid during the divorce lasts until the judge finalizes the divorce or issues a permanent maintenance; Therefore, after you divide by 12, the monthly alimony payment would be $2,000.92.

The court will add this money into its alimony/maintenance calculation. So in this example, the $7,500 is lower, so that is going to be the annual maintenance. But she also has a nursing degree where she could go earn $75,000+.

Alimony is referred to in new york statutes as spousal maintenance. On the other hand, marriages that lasted between 15 and 20 years will have alimony awards spanning somewhere between 40% of the length of the marriage. It may be possible that you have to pay alimony to your spouse after a divorce.

The amount of length of maintenance/ alimony depends on a number of circumstances, but as a general rule of thumb you would receive maintenance for a term equal to 1/4 to 1/3 the length of the marriage. You take the combined income of $150,000 times 40% equals $60,000. Posted on aug 27, 2012.

You should strongly consider including a termination date in your divorce decree or agreement. As of january 2016 there is a formula for this. The judge can limit how long one must pay maintenance.

The more assets they have, the less bob will have to pay. New york has guidelines as to the duration of maintenance as well. This will remove the need to return to court at a later date, saving you from financial burden.

Marriages that lasted more then 15 years up to 20 years. To give you an idea of how long do you pay alimony, the ny duration guidelines are as follows:

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