How Long Does It Take To Change Spark Plugs On A 5.4 Triton

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And the service manager told me if they break a plug that it will be another $91.00 per cylinder to remove the broken plugs, so it will cost me more for something. The officially recommended spark plugs for dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi, the 5.4 triton, the powerstroke, or any other engines are mostly iridium or platinum.

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8 best spark plug for 5.4 triton 1.


How long does it take to change spark plugs on a 5.4 triton. Ad auto parts spark plug for 5.4 triton. Ford is no exception and the f150 5.4 liter engine, along with their other triton type engines, have been extremely troublesome where spark plugs are concerned. You can buy these plugs in sets of 4, 8, or 10 based on your preferences.

Break the spark plugs loose when the engine is warm.2. The ford 5.4 triton engine can be reliable if maintained correctly. I used a 3/8” spark plug socket, a 3/8 to ½” socket adaptor, a 6” long ½” extension bar and a ½” ratchet.

Regardless, exactly this happened to some 5.4 triton engines right from the start in 1997. Later on, they have the exact opposite problem (bear with us for that one). Was told by other mechanics that this could be a problem, soaked all plugs for a day and did a quarter turn, soaked … read more

But as expected, it does come with its own set of problems. If you own a f150 or other ford truck with a 5.4 triton v8 read this, it could save you a lot of $!. If you wonder what causes the 5.4 triton spark plug problems, you are at the right place to find the answer.

5) remove the plug with a 5/8” spark plug socket. Fortunately, for you, the 5.4 triton is one of those engines. So, let’s go right ahead and learn everything there is to know about these materials!

The list is not that extensive, but here are the more common ford 5.4 engine problems: The maintainence manual tells you to change the plugs at 100,000 miles. Change spark plugs ford triton engine caution about changing spark plugs ford triton engine.

How to change spark plugs on 4.6 & 5.4 liter by dave west i've replaced plugs on quite a few 5.4ls now (the 4.6l with plug wires is similar) and once you've done a set they really are not as bad. Let the threads soak for at least 15 minutes.4. Spark plug, fuel pump driver module, timing chain, and gasket are the main four areas where 5.4 triton experiences problems.

How long should my spark plugs last in my 5.4 triton engine? Blowing a spark plug on the 5.4 triton engine can have some serious effects. So we’ll be looking for the best replacement spark plugs for 5.4 triton today.there will be eight models that will be at the top of the market in 2021.

The ford 5.4 triton engine has been produced in millions of units and has successfully propelled at least a dozen different car, van, and truck models. And it’s not some much that the spark plugs fail, it’s other things. What year did ford 5.4 have spark plug problems?

It is a solid thing to have under the hood. Breaking off a plug could turn a challenging job into a disaster. A tsb provides special procedures for spark plug removal on these engines.

Mas ignition coil dg508 & motorcraft spark plug with ford lincoln mercury v8 v10 Design news readers have commented about having to lift engines or make holes in the car body to change spark plugs. My 2005 has just 50,000 miles on it.

We could even call this problem a common one for the triton engines produced prior to 2004. Do not try to remove the plugs at this time.3. It was a popular option all the way from its inception in 1996 to 2010, in all of its iterations.

Ford spark plug repair kit. This is another excellent option from motorcraft with raving reviews from all its users. Ignition coils and spark plugs becoming faulty;

Ford recommends servicing the oem spark plugs after 30 thousand miles because of a design flaw in the original spark plugs. The long service interval is actually one of the reasons the plugs break apart. Overall the 5.4 liter is quite a reliable engine with the exception of the spark plug;

Failure of the fuel pump driver module I took it to the dealer and had them change the fuel filter, clean the injectors and most important of all, had them change the spark plugs.

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