How To Apply Kt Tape To Your Knee


The beauty of this application is the breadth. Measure the tape, cut the length you need, and round off the corners.

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Itbs is the most prevalent cause of lateral (outside) knee pain in athletes.


How to apply kt tape to your knee. Knee pain can be caused by any number of issues. How to apply kt tape; If youneed to make any cuts in the kt tape (r) make sure you roundthe corners as this helps to avoid the tape from snagging on clothing.

The kneecap, or patella, could be moving incorrectly. There may be arthritis, plica, chondromalacia, or any number of issues with the bones that constitute the knee. Trim or shave excess hair from the area to be applied.

Kt tape can help reduce pain and inflammation for many common injuries*. Secure the end to the outer thigh. At kt tape we make it a priority to ensure that everyone knows how to tape for their injury, no matter how general or specific it is.

For additional resources, please visit the kt tape forum. Allow the skin to completely dry. Wondering how to apply kt tape for knee, shoulder, wrist, or ankle pain?

Solution to your wrist painyou are a fitness freak, and you love running and jogging to keep yourself in the best can’t dream of losing that one hour of exercise in the morning. Secure below your inner knee, on the upper part of your. Pull the tape until there is 25% stretch and apply the strip in a path that traces the outer border of the kneecap until you get near the bottom of the knee.

Whatever the cause of your pain at the back of the knee, the effects of kt tape will benefit you*. Using a strip of kt tape, anchor one end under the inner kneecap, wrap it under the kneecap, and up along the outer side. As the pain subsides, light progressive stretching should be implemented along with massage.

Preload the muscle and fascia by moving your leg to the other side. Apply the strip to your knee. This tape is lightweight, and provides support without limiting movement.

In order to use kinesiology tape, you should clean your skin, prepare the tape and then apply the tape. To achieve a 10% stretch, use the top hand to pull tape in the proper direction and the bottom hand to push the tape up smoothly as it’s applied. Kt tape serves all of these purposes without the downsides of bracing or wrapping.

One or more meniscus may be torn, ruptured, or inflamed. Under the guidance of a medical professional, you may be able to use the tape as a form of treatment for pains and injuries between visits. But as they say, a little ax can cut down a big tree;

The ends of the tape should not be stretched. Use scissors to cut your tape. Shop kt tape pro® back to videos view instructions as pdf > kt tape:

Knee pain is one of the top 5 health problems that are treated successfully by therapists using kinesiology tape.the knee is a complicated and large joint that is prone to injuries and therefore knee complaints. There are a few things you’ll need to do in preparation for applying kt tape to your knee. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any lotions or oils on the skin.

This will be the standard strip length for this procedure. This can be an acute complaint after a trauma, but also chronic knee complaints due to, for example, wear and tear. Along with itbs pain at the hip, it accounts for more than 12% of all running injuries.

Attach the end of the tape to the outer side of the lower leg, starting just below the knee. Peel the first inch of tape. Common injuries such as runner’s knee or patella tendonitis, jumper’s knee, patella tracking, arthritis, meniscus tears, plica, patellofemoral pain, and general instability can all be best addressed by using the full knee support application*.

Kinesiology tape, or kt tape, is a helpful tool that can be used to ease runner's knee pain, but it's not as simple as tearing off a few neon green strips, sticking them on your leg, and hitting. Sit on a bench, knee bent to 90 degrees. Chances are that if you have pain on the outside of the.

As you wrap around the bottom of the kneecap, increase the tension to 50% as you cross the first strip of tape and then reduce tension completely as you anchor the bottom of the strip. Round the corners of the tape to better durability. If you're experiencing pain in your knees after a run or just walking up stairs, check out these.

Have the patient flex the knee 45 degrees.

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