How To Break Into A Sentry Safe With A Bobby Pin

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You are trying to push up the pins to the shear line in the lock. Sentry safe h4100c by mcm757207 » wed jun 03, 2009 10:58 pm katie907 wrote:

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At the recent defcon conference in las vegas, researchers opened many of the top commercially available gun safes with simple tools like a straw or a paper clip, and in one case, just by shaking it a bit.


How to break into a sentry safe with a bobby pin. Pull apart the first bobby pin so that it is a long, flat metal piece. 3typespack lock pick set transparent training cutaway. We do recommend only trying this on a lock you have forgotten the combination to and not other unlawful purposes.

Put the second safety pin with the pointed side up into the lock. Cracking a combination lock or master lock! The nail file fits almost perfectly into the keyhole.

Press the bobby pin forward into the lock— depending on the door, simple forward pressure can be enough to open the lock. Instead of prying open or picking the lock of a basic combination pad, find the numbers and recover the combination without ruining the lock with the trick tip in this instructional video. How to open a sentry safe three 3 number dial combination lock.

However, if you are looking at your standard mid to lower tier gun safes, all hotel safes (even the ones in vegas) or a personal keypad safe then this is the tutorial for you. Turn your back to the safe, and kick the door, hard, a few times. Wiggle and twist the pin in the lock.

Insert the two points of the bobby pin into the lock. Most tweezers are inappropriately sized for this task and will just end up pushing the key farther into the keyway. Break into almost any gun safe with straws, paper clips, coat hangers, and even children!.

That all sounds great, until you find out that you can open this safe—and pretty much every safe like it—in a matter. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to retrieve the combination from a lock. Forgot or lost the combination to a suitcase?

8 pin tubular lock pick locksmith tool push lever tubular. 3 ways to pick a sentry safe lock wikihow. Jiggle the nail file up and down gently to release the locking mechanism.

In the event you need to break into your own electronic safe, here's how. Next, pull the handle in the opposite direction than you normally do and enter the code. Screwdriver and insert it in the crack of the door and slowly pry it open.

Don't suffer from a bad memory ever again, or for the more devious minded, break into that briefcase you've been eying. With the file in the keyhole as far as it can go, jiggle it up and down to release the pins and stop once you hear a click. To pick a safe sentry lock, start by inserting a small metal nail file all the way into the keyhole.

If your pick's needles are aligned correctly, this should trigger a spring and open the lock. Without any further introduction, let’s learn how to crack a combination safe with four easy steps. I was thinking more along the lines of a bobby pin and a paper clip, i mean its just a dinky little lock someone out there has got to know hot to pick this lock!

This will release some of the extra pressure on the bolt and should help the handle move more freely. Be sure that you do not kick the keypad or the handle. At the recent defcon conference in las vegas, researchers opened many of the top commercially available gun safes with simple tools like a straw or a paper clip, and in one case, just by shaking it a bit.

Bend back the pin so that you have a long piece of metal wire. A locksmith is a little too spendy for me. You only need three different things.

1) pop a padlock with two open wrenches. This will help loosen the bolt work. A few cuts and folds and you’ll be a full fledged thief or prankster.

This will be your pick, and is inserted into the lock and used to move the pins out of the way. Turn the pick to the right. Cracking an electronic safe with a raspberry pi.

Bend the wavy end of the bobby pin into a handle for more control. Most of what you need to pick a lock with a paperclip is easily accessible. When a key breaks off in the lock, most people go right for the tweezers.

Your main concerns should be the thickness of your tweezers and how far the broken key is in the lock. Twist the pick as far to the right as it will go while pressing towards the center of the lock. The paperclips, one to act as a lock pick, one to act as a tension wrench, and a pair of pliers to shape the paperclips.

Insert the first safety pin into the bottom of the lock. This moves the pins of the locks so you can easily open the cabinet. It will act as the tension wrench.

Hack your own lock or your friends and you have the potential for. Strip off the rubber knobs on the ends, as they will only get in the way. The knob when the safe's lock bounces open for a brief moment.

Two big paperclips, one to act as a tension wrench, one to act as the pick. On the final length, the only man in the field to. Push it all the way to the back.

Sentrysafe puts all sorts of measures in place to protect your valuables and important documents. So this isn’t going to get you into a bank my any means. Sentry safe opening service for all other sentry safes opened no.

With a bit of pressure, you can easily unlock the filing cabinet. This video won't show you how to crack a safe but it will show you the next best thing:

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