How To Build An Aluminum Drift Boat

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Clients have caught 1000s of fish in it. I get closer to 3500 pounds of buoyancy from the tubes.

This is the next boat I hope to build! Stitch and Glue

I had made a cardboard model first to check proportions and the freeboard seem a bit much.


How to build an aluminum drift boat. The fully outfitted boat and trailer only cost about $3000 and was water ready. Spira international offers a wide variety of different power, rowing, and sailing skiffs, dories, and other boat. Boats are designed for assembly with out the need of special extrusions located at the junction of the bottom and sides, or, at the builders option, boats can be constructed using a stock chine extrusion available from some pacific.

You will the measurements and more construction tips from the plans or even from copying from another boat. Aluminum drift boat plans i've purchased myboatplans which is my honest evaluation of it. 48 48 midships hull depth:

We purchased a used aluminum drift boat a couple years ago, which has been great to float white water to flat water. I built this boat for a friend to use for fly fishing, mostly on flat water. These boats have a wide, flat bottom, with flared sides, a flat bow, and a pointed stern.

Myboatplans is really a collection of 518 boat plans, forty five videos on boat building and hundreds of webpages of illustrated guides on boat developing. Drift boats are a unique fishing boat that is made specifically for rivers. Modeled after the men and women who spend 300 plus days on the water, the guide drift boat is just as persistent and loaded with a variety of standard features.

Plywood jon boat you can build, the ideal boat building project for the amateur boatbuilder. 16 diameter would be more like 1000 pounds. Moving an aluminum drift boat by hand is hard work so if you tend to fish rivers that are low then fiberglass might be your best option even though it is prone to chipping and cracking.

Storing the boat is part of owning a drift boat. We are your one stop shop for customizable aluminum boat kits. 14' 3 16' 6 bottom length:

Nice mckenzie drift boat plans free. I'll be masking the professionals and cons of the product. 175 hp omc pushing my 22' cruiser over 53 knots over proped ss 14.5×24.

Drift pram 10' by pico cantieni, cle elum, washington. This design helps anglers easily navigate and maneuver through rapids as they float down rivers and allows them to quietly sneak up on the fish. I reduced the freeboard by about 4 inches.

Specmar inc (previously specialty marine contractors) is an aluminum boat design, and lofting company. We've enjoyed countless fishing, crabbing, and ju… The boat was easy to build and light enough to launch in some hairy places.

This simplifies the construction and makes for a lighter hull. The welded aluminum hulls, available in 14' or 16' lengths, are of monocoque construction where the outer covering skin carries a major part of the stresses, eliminating most internal framework. So much for your moniker.

Save $1000s by building your dream boat with only a few tools and a little sweat equity. 6' 5 6' 7 bottom width: Std = standard bottom & sides;

I like the saturn inflatatables 15’x 16” radius tubes total added floatation 1klbs. Picked this drift boat up for free (ok, i paid 20$ for it.) trailer, motor, and all. I would highly recommend this boat to anyone.

We have a large product line including aluminum drift boats, aluminum landing craft, aluminum monohull boats, aluminum catamarans, aluminum special purpose boats, and aluminum ribs (rigid inflatable boat). Designed to conform with the famous mckenzie river drift boat, specmar aluminum drift boats are constructed of marine grade aluminum for all welded construction. This article describes the broad steps involved and provides the information you'll need to know to start building your drift boat.

Mcdrift #317 #318 a 14' or 16' drift boat build in aluminum; This is where there is little debate on which boat is best if it is to be kept outside. 12' 2 13' 10 beam:

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