How To Cut Down Weight For Wrestling


Drink lots of water in the days running up to the meet, then cut it down as the competition draws closer. It is the hardest part of wrestling hands down.

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I made the varsity team that year in the 171 pound weight class.


How to cut down weight for wrestling. Dry yourself off and check your weight to see how much you lost in your first round. Considering this, you’ll more likely intake less food and water, and spend more time in the weight room. Once you feel up for it, head back into the bathtub for round two.

The first time i ever had to cut weight for wrestling was my sophomore year of high school. Cutting weight for wrestlers, especially in the u.s. If you weigh in at 8 show up at 7 ready to workout.

Try to consume most of your calories in your meals from high carbohydrate and high protein foods. It weighs on the athlete (pun intended). If you are down to weight for more than an hour you are doing something wrong.

To posses the strength of a 160 pound person, but physically confront, by wrestling, a person with the strength of a 145 pound person, by dropping weight in order to equal your opponent, is normal practice. Submit athletes who compete in the sport of wrestling are all too familiar with cutting weight. Wrestlers bulk up and pack on as much strength and muscle as possible only to “cut” weight shortly before events so they can.

Amateur wrestling, high school and college, besides being an extremely physical strength and skill dependent sport, is a game of weight. I learned that i was doing it in the hardest way possible. Since the object of being in a certain weight class would be to be the strongest and heaviest person in that class, many athletes cut their weight down to a lower class only to add weight after the weigh in.

Similar to wrestling matches and practices, wrestlers require lots of energy and burn lots of calories intensely. I cut weight from 73 kg to 67 kg its app 13 pounds. Make it easier on yourselves and learn to cut weight right.

This will be a good gauge moving forward for the rest of the cut. Work out before you make weight. Of a, is known for having very.

The right way to cut weight for wrestling. Sometimes you do not have the luxury of a hot bath or you are still too heavy close to weigh ins. Fortunately, times have changed, and student athletes.

Wrestlers and mma fighters do not cut weight the same way. How to cut weight for wrestling. Cut back on solid foods and start avoiding sodium.

The temptation to gain a muscle advantage over lighter opponents is strong. The main way that you'll cut weight for a fight is by tricking your body into getting rid of more water than you are taking in. But i start 3 weeks before and loose the last 1 kg in sauna.

I personally almost left the sport of wrestling all together because the weight cutting was getting so bad. When done properly, shedding extra pounds before a match can give you a competitive advantage at a lower weight class. Cutting weight is an unfortunate reality of amateur wrestling.

You will be able to sleep better at night with food and drink. I got smarter and worked less hard at cutting weight. It just so happened that i always weighed in about 5 pounds over my weight class the night before a wrestling meet so i had to usually cut the weight that night or early the next morning.

However, most wrestlers use unhealthy, sometimes dangerous techniques that end up harming their bodies as well as their performances. Athletes begin their weight cut a couple of weeks before their event. Any athlete that competes in sports where body weight is a component factored into the competition knows the burden.

However, after all, you’re still not losing weight! For most wrestlers it's safer to bring down the weight gradually through a combination of diet and training, says dr kumar. If you're not careful, it's easy to fall into the quick appeal of extreme weight loss methods.

What this means is that most combative sport competitions have weight limits for certain classes. Check out “how to cut weight for wrestling” and “how to cut weight for mma” for a full comprehensive guide to cutting weight. I agree you ideally want to recover fully, but that’s not always possible.

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