How To Draw A Lobster Cartoon

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At the bottom of the body, trace a small oval shape in the middle and add two squared shapes on either side of the small oval. These are the lobster’s antenna.

Cute lobster cartoon presenting vector image on Cartoon

Then, on each side of the head, extend two long lines at a diagonal angle.


How to draw a lobster cartoon. Draw a line through the centre and add two dots for eyes at the pointy end. Often depicted with a red color (which is usually the color they are once cooked), lobsters have many feature that are hard to miss. Drawing a cute cartoon lobster has never been easier.

First, let's draw the body of the lobster using a large rectangle. Add more to the tail section, add the beginning of the front claws. Finish the tail section and draw the outline of the claws.

Start off with the head. Leave a little bit of room on top of the head so that you can draw the claws later in the drawing lesson. Place this new shape on top of the illustration.

Finished drawing of a lobster. It can be a tricky animal to draw at first, so. Through the middle of the tube, add a curved horizontal line, connecting both sides.

I encourage you to do the same. To draw this, draw a bullet shape on its side. Click image for bigger version.

Add more detail to the tail section, then add the final touches to the legs. Add the beginning section of the legs. Lobster, cartoon lobster, how to draw a lobster

For each eye, enclose a small circle within a circle. Once you are done, sketch the tail by adding two oval shape in a 45 degrees angle (but facing opposite directions). First, draw the head of the lobster using a large circular shape.

Then, you can draw large circular shapes to form the claws. Nine steps to create the perfect lobster! Connect two long pointed antenna to the sides of the head by the eyes.

Next draw two claws, one on each side of the body. Easy people drawings art drawings for kids drawing for kids drawing people easy drawings art for kids drawing techniques drawing tips drawing sketches. Draw these simple 2d shapes.

For all current shapes (and future ones), you can use a thick outline as shown below. The body and the claws are joined by small rectangles. Add two circles for eyes to the pointy part of the head.

Not only can it become a good meal, but you can also learn how to draw a lobster to create a fascinating illustration! Yes, creating cool 3d effects can easily be done using a 2d application or even just pencils and some paper. Images to draw a lobster.

Finish drawing the body of your lobster by adding two more rectangles below the first one. See how the cartoon lobster below feels alive and genuine? Draw the antennae of the lobster.

Learn how to draw a lobster clip art using a basic template made from simple shapes and plain colors. Add the rear fin section. Now draw the paws and mark out a curve joining hands to the lobster.

You can see below all nine steps required to draw a cute and realistic cartoon lobster. Erase any guidelines that are left over and thicken or darken any lines that are needed. Next, add a few more curved lines below the first to give the lobster's body some detail.

How to draw a cartoon lobster. Indeed, these adorable sea creatures are quite recognizable. Draw the head of the lobster by making an upside down teardrop.

How to draw a cartoon lobster, … Near the pointed tip, draw the eyes. In hands draw first draw a “s” curve and then attach a curvy line with it.

Of course, i will use black outlines for each step needed to learn how to draw this cute cartoon lobster. The next step is the antenna. Allow each set of lines to meet in a sharp point.

At the top of your oval where that small dent is, draw two medium sized dots for the lobster's eyes. Cut these circles using triangles to complete this part of the character.

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