How To Draw A Seal Step By Step


Now we have to draw the body of the seal, which you can do very easily. 16 steps to draw a seal.

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With the help of lines, you also have to draw its neck.


How to draw a seal step by step. I hope you understand what you want to know about this drawing. Seal pups are one of the cuter versions of the seal species. I hope you understand all about this dawing.

Then you have to draw the shape of its flippers. From the bottom of the nose, draw two lines that curve down, and to the left and right to make the lips. To draw its body, you must first draw the structure of the body, then we have to draw some parts of its body.

Add a curved line for the back and two curved lines for the belly. Add some value to the section where the nose meets the mouth. Now this last step has been left, friends, in this drawing we just have to draw its wings.

Make the lines and curves you will use in forming the tail and legs of the water animal. Make the fins and rear end. Sketch the elongated body figure of the baby seal following the strokes on the video.

Draw an oval for the seal's head. Begin by drawing two curved lines. How to draw a southern elephant seal view this tutorial

Add triangular shapes for the seal’s flippers. This is the seal’s body. Next, add eyes, a nose, and a mouth for its face.

Add a dot at the top for the eye and three short lines over its face for the whiskers. Now join the lower circle and the rectangle and elongate the body. Notice that the lines curve in opposite directions and overlap each other.

This outlines the seal's back and the top of its head. Now draw lines to make the whiskers on either side of the seal's cheeks. Use a series of u shaped lines to sketch the seal's snout.

Leave a small tiny white dot in the eyes. Join the circles and make the base for part of its body. At this stage your seal drawing is virtually ready.

This will form the head of the seal. You have already learned how to draw a seal. Now we have to draw some lines in which you have to draw its body by blending the parts of these two cones.

How to draw a seal pup, seal pup. You just need a red pen and a paper to start drawing a seal in the next 2 minutes! How to draw a seal.

On this line add some small triangles. Then, draw lines from below to form the body. Draw a curved line at the bottom of the snout for the mouth.

Use a curves line for the mouth, a tiny circle for the nose, and a dot for the eye on the right side, and an oval with a dot in it as well as lines around it for the eye. Then draw the rest of the lower part of the body. Draw a small circle for the eye at the top of the head towards the snout.

To draw the face, put in two ovals for the eyes, and a triangle for the nose. And add the fins on the body. Learn how to draw a cartoon otter easy step by step drawing tutorial for kids & beginners.

Draw a long horizontal line under the nose for the harp seal pup's mouth.make the line thicker and darker and curve the ends up a bit. Draw the shape of the head as shown above, leaving a gap open for the body and having a space for the mouth. Begin with drawing a rectangle, a medium circle and an small one.

I will guide you through the process with simple geometric shapes, alphabet letters, and numbers. It kind of looks like a mountain with its tip leaning to the side. Please leave 5 stars if you liked this tutorial.

In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a seal in a simple and interactive way. First, we draw the head which is an inverted u shaped with a snout on the top left. Now you have ready a perfect coloring page of a seal.

Draw more distinct pencil contour of the body but gently. The final step of the artistic drawing guide how to draw a baby seal. Draw a small line between those two lines to make the lower lip.

Using a long, curved line, enclose a large, irregular form to the lower left of the head. Today, we will tackle the task of learning how to draw a seal head, step by step. Outline the silhouette of the fish and darken the eyes.

Draw the flippers of the tail with an irregular, roughly heart shape. Today i will try and show you guys a semi realistic way you can learn how to draw a seal pup, step by step. Leave two spaces for legs.

Draw a small curved line above the eye for the brow. Draw the body using two curves that continue from the top and the bottom. Draw the front leg starting from inside the body of the seal, using the two curves on the left and are connected by a vertical line.

Draw the back like you were continuing down that mountain, and add an extra line to the back. 2 draw a serial line to connect the seal parts. Don't forget whiskers next to the nose.

Use the initial oval shape as a guide to draw the rest of the muzzle. Draw the basic figure for the head shape which is circle for this is the first step of the tutorial. Click on a star to rate it!

Found 7 free seals drawing tutorials which can be drawn using pencil, market, photoshop, illustrator just follow step by step directions. When they are born they are all white and have fuzzy hair.

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