How To Draw A Skunk Step By Step

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Also draw 2 ovals above the nose (for the pepe le pew’s eyes). This will serve as the base of the skunk's head.

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Separate the back of his hair by drawing a series of spiked lines across the middle of.


How to draw a skunk step by step. Click image for bigger version. Start the curve of the back. Add small ears near the top of the head.

Draw guidelines to help you with the drawing. This can be done by drawing a sideways teardrop with a circle at the end for the nose. Next shape out the bridge of his snout and then draw an egg shaped circle for his nose.

Next draw out the shape of the body which looks like a big jelly bean. Draw a circle at the top of the line, which will represent the head. Now draw the skunk’s teeth with three lines in the mouth.

This includes the ear and inner details, the cheek, the nose, the open mouth, and the opposite cheek and ear. Skunks have a common stripe down their forehead so draw that between two circles for eyes. Start by drawing two tiny dots next to each other.

In this step you will start drawing out the facial features of skunk starting with the top of his head like his hair and his ear. Add the other leg and arms. To illustrate his short spiky hair, draw spiked lines around his entire body.

Begin your skunk by drawing the head. Then draw a sideways letter ‘c’ like shape around the nose. Begin with a really large oval and a medium circle and that line for the tail.

How to draw a skunk. How to draw skunk from skunk fu! Shade between the two smallest to refer to the pupils.

Then draw another sideways letter ‘c’ like shape around the first ‘c’ (as seen above). The skunk's head should be drawn as a flower pot with a narrow, boxy top above wider sides that slope down to an open bottom. On the left side, draw a downwards curve.

Below the nose, draw a triangle shaped mouth. Then add an oval for the nose and a line for the mouth below. Use a wide line to form the brow, and differentiate the tongue inside the mouth by using a short line.

Draw a tail with a stripe inside. You can use small curved lines to represent the legs and the feet of the animal. We update our resources library regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more content.

M the shapes you drew add the guidelines for the legs, tail, and feet. For the body, draw a squiggly line, making sure to trace a hump at the top, rounding it out at the back. Next, we draw the head by drawing a triangular shape arounf the face starting from the nose up.

Use curved lines to detail the outline of the face. Draw ovals for the hands and feet. Step 2 then outline his tail and legs.

View details of the skunk’s face. Begin by drawing a circle. Draw the skunk's head as a circle that is more narrow at the bottom.

Draw the eyes, using four consecutive circles and smaller ovals for each one. Contour the eye with curves above and below. Now join both eyes with a u and make a small circle at the bottom for the nose.

And why not check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids! Learn to draw even more skunk fu! Now let’s draw our easy n’ cute skunk portrait step by step.

Step 1 to start learning how to draw a skunk, sketch a small circle connected to a much larger circle to form the base of his head and torso. The more volume on your skunk's tail the better, because that provides you with lots of available surface to detail in the next step. Then add to the head the eyes and an egg shaped nose.

Add the head around the circle. Fill in mouth, add eyes and ears. Next, you can draw the bottom part of the cartoon skunk.

How to draw a skunk step by step tutorial! Sketch in the tail as shown, making it long and swoopy, like a squirrel's. 1 thought on “how to draw a skunk”.

The snout should be drawn as two pincer like lines at the base of the head, filling in most of the gap. Start by drawing a circle for the head and then add the facile guidelines. Since the back legs are placed in the background, you can draw them slightly smaller.

How to draw a skunk. Please leave 5 stars if you liked this tutorial. From there, trace a forehead, then trace the bottom of the head out a bit longer for the nose.

You will than draw his open smil. Click on a star to rate it!. Standard printable step by step.

E and stomach marking as seen. Start this first step by drawing out the guidelines ans shapes to form a solid frame for your skunk.

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