How To Draw A Thumbs Up Step By Step Easy

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At the top end draw a petal shaped curve projecting upwards with its top end broader. And draw an arm and hand.

Kawaii Drawings How to Draw a Star (Easy and Cute

This forms the top side of the wrist and thumb.


How to draw a thumbs up step by step easy. As most of the fingers in this pose are hidden it’s also a fairly easy one to draw. This spongebob with a thumbs up. Learn how to draw thumbs up simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons.

Your thumbs up drawing is complete! Draw a smile, nostril, a circle on the cheek, and stripes on the. Then draw some ovals and dots.

This will form the palm of the hand. Begin by drawing a long, curved line. Then draw a smaller spiral on the right side, connecting from the second curl you made.

Draw his face, two eyes, nose and mouth. Easy, step by step how to draw thumbs up drawing tutorials for kids. Draw a big spiral stroke on the left side, underneath the first curl.

Now depict the hair that lies on the top of the torso. How to draw a thumbs up.our site offers a free tutorial on how to draw a thumbs up. Both curls should meet close to the middle.

From the bottom end draw a large comma shaped (,) curve projecting towards left forming the base of the palm. Add more curls on the horse’s hair. Draw the body of the spongebob, including the neckline and tie.

Draw his legs and feet with shoes. How to draw a cartoon boy with thumbs up. To one side of the thumb, draw a horizontal oval.

Lightly rest the index finger on top of the thumb. Draw two large circles beneath the touchpad. Now draw a horn that looks like an ice cream cone.

Draw the eye under the hair using an arched line. For each finger, draw a pair of straight lines, allowing the lines to converge slightly at the tip. For this part of our guide on how to draw praying hands, we will be adding some final details and elements before the final step.

Begin by drawing a circle. Draw the hair and ear of the boy. I didn’t capture it well in the first step, but you can see it more in steps 2 and 3.

Draw the pants at the bottom. This is great for kids learning their alphabet and letters or just any kid who. How to draw a hand pointing away step by step finger pointing away hand drawing step by step.

Look at your own hand in the “thumbs up” position and notice how the top of the thumb actually wangs back a bit. This hand pose can be good to draw when you want the character to be pointing towards something. These gestures have become metaphors in english:

View by slideshow save tutorial in one image download printable pdf guide view by scrolling the complete drawing tutorial in one image. Learn to draw all these animals. That wanging back makes the digit look more like a thumb.

Note that the fingers are of different lengths, the thumb and pinkie fingers being the shortest. This shape is central to the controller, representing the touchpad. Farm animals ocean animals 200 animals zoo animals forest animals.

And draw the tongue and two teeth in it. Draw the collar and the tie. Draw an ear at the top of the head.

These will hold the left stick/l3 button and the right stick/r3 button. You want the string to sit behind the bend in the thumb, on the phalanx. March 27, 2017 by admin leave a comment.

Begin by drawing a rectangle with rounded corners. Draw a bun of waving hair near the ear. The top finger is actually just a curl in the line that makes the top of the hand.

Draw his body, arms and hands with thumbs up. How to draw cute cartoon boy / kid with thumb up from “abc” with easy step by step drawing tutorial for kids. Draw an s shaped curve at the center of the page.

Color his hair black, his face meat color, shirt yellow, tie purple, trousers blue and shoes brown. For example an airplane up in the sky. And draw legs and shoes.

Today i'll show you how to draw a cute cartoon character boy with his thumb up using letters a, b, and c.

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