How To Fish A Football Jig For Bass

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The size range is from 1/2 to 1 1/2 oz. Downey explains and demonstrates why powerful sweeping hooksets are essential for hooking and keeping bass buttoned.

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When using jigs with heavy weights (large heads), generally football jigs, you need to reel down on the fish and load up the rod tip and then sweep.


How to fish a football jig for bass. A football head jig is an excellent tool for getting to the bottom quickly while dragging and deflecting off of bottom elements (closely resembling crawfish). Use long casts at different depths and casting angles to figure out how bass are positioned. In this remastered bass university bass fishing class seminar, mike iaconelli talks about different ways to fish a football jig.

Rod and reel setup for finesse jigs. The difference between this rig and the drop shot was location. Learn how to fish a football jig in the right locations.

This will pull the head of the jig out of the fishes mouth and allow for the hook to penetrate. This lure works best when you need to have contact with the bottom. The football head jig has a head in the shape of a football, just as the name implies.

This versatile lure catches both numbers of fish as well as giants. The sweep to the side sets the hook deeply in the fish’s mouth without the vigorous yanking that is needed to fish traditional bass. Fluorocarbon is the ideal choice for fishing football jigs since it sinks in the water, and as a result you’ll be able to keep a straight line between your rod tip and the football jig on the bottom, which gives you maximum sensitivity to feel when a bass bites your lure.

Big money tournaments have been won with them, special rods have been developed to fish them and them alone and every major tackle company has a. It works for largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass alike and has proven itself in finesse situations in addition to feeding frenzies.the football jig remains a favorite among professional anglers and should be a staple in your. The football jig can be used for winter, summer, spring, or fall bass fishing

“when bass first start moving deeper after the spawn, they seem to want a more compact trailer with less action,” mcclelland said. Ike caught his biggest tournament bass on lake amistad using a football jig, and he recounts the amazing story of catching the bass and losing his breakfast in this video. You can cast a football, and let it sit flat on the bottom.

The football head jig is a mainstay for any bass fishing tackle box. Anderson stresses the need to fish productive spots methodically from multiple angles. The best place to fish the football jig was over deep rock piles or over a rocky bottom.

A football jig doesn’t have to be a moving lure. According to mcclelland, however, you need to match your football jig’s trailer with the mood of the fish. On 6/20/2015 at 12:10 pm, bhoff said:

Mike talks about the tackle he uses in this. 6 football jig tips for summer bass fishing. “so in the early summer, i like to use a zoom super chunk or even a zoom fluke stick.

One thing that's really important when you're fishing this style is your hook set too and and any type of technique that you're using, there's kind of a specific hook set that works best for that technique and with this football jig, it's definitely more of a longer sweep like that. And don’t think about using slackline or snap hooksets. Sep 1, 2021 sep 1, 2021 updated sep 8, 2021 0.

By walker smith •jun 17, 2014. Designed for fishing for offshore bass on rocky bottom in deeper water between 10 and 50 feet deep. This is not to say a texas rigged worm won’t work in the winter and a football jig won’t work in the summer.

Terminator pro’s jig for jig bass fishing football head jig. Its unique head design makes it perfect for bottoms full of rocks, as they do not get as hung up as some other designs. For a trailer, you’ll use a grub, paddle tail, and anything with plenty of action.

To fish a swim jig, you want to keep the lure moving through the water, so the bass hit it while it’s still moving. We cover the best bass fishing locations when using a jig and the best jig fishing techniques to catch more bass. Perhaps one of the most notorious big fish baits in the sport of bass fishing is the football jig.

Fishing a jig for bass is one of the most common and versatile ways to catch fish. Jigging for bass is a technique that requires a skirted jig and a plastic grub or craw imitation trailer worked along the bottom or reeled through the middle of the water column. as the fishing pressure and temperatures continue to increase this summer, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of football jigs for bass fishing.

Since then, football jigs have become common place among bass anglers all over the country. The keys to this rig were to fish it slow (similar to the drop shot). 7’ medium power, fast action

The trailers work by imitating small prey animals to a trout”s instinctual atack.

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