How To Floss With Permanent Retainer Reddit


How to floss with permanent retainer reddit. When they fail, it is common for teeth to move before being noticed, or before an appointment can be made.

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I prefer this because 1) i will never loose it or need to replace it.


How to floss with permanent retainer reddit. The retainer is a removable appliance and is usually worn full time to start. After an appropriate amount of time, your orthodontist will inform you that nighttime wear will be sufficient to maintain the stability of your teeth. Not only can you find tips for tackling dental phobia, but there's also information on many dental health.

I have zero problem with hygiene because i have a waterpik & they also gave me these floss threader things so flossing is a breeze. As hard as i pull down to get the glide floss through, it won't go. One huge disadvantage of a permanent retainer is that over time, it can accumulate plaque or calculus if you do not brush or floss well.

The problem is, my orthodontist won’t be in office until the 24th of this month. Here are five basic steps for flossing with just dental floss and a little patience. I ended up just getting a regular wire retainer made when i went to the orthodontist to get the broken retainer taken out.

To learn more about how fixed retainers work, read our previous post: I have a permanent bottom retainer & a clear top retainer. As with most things, flossing with permanent retainer becomes much easier with.

So they said the top isn’t worth a permanent because it breaks easily. Take the retainer out and use a soft toothbrush to remove any. The orthodontist can’t force you to keep a permanent retainer.

This can cause damage to your teeth. Fixed retainers, also known as permanent retainers, are constructed of a metal wire that is fastened to your teeth.this wire is usually smooth and solid, sometimes it has a braided texture. Put your flossing string through the loop on the flossing threader.

Are there any disadvantages of permanent retainers? A permanent retainer is a good solution for complete dental treatment with either invisalign or braces because it helps to keep the teeth from making any slight movement. This will get most of the detritus out that you are trying to remove.

The pros of having the retainer removed is that it is easier to floss so you'll have better oral hygiene. Effectively brushing and flossing with braces ortodoncia. No sense in brushing after and.

You're going to have a really tough time just using regular floss, its pretty much impossible. This forum is part of the dental fear central website, which has been described as the wikipedia of dental fear. I also have a good electric toothbrush so i brush the back of my teeth as well.

A permanent retainer is usually placed. I must have a cavity which has caused the floss to get caught and shredded. I just bought some 'glide' floss which doesn't shred and is supposed to be good for crowded teeth (and thus removing the shredded floss) but the shredded floss is blocking the space.

Case in point, my son was so resentful at being forced to wear braces, he went in to the orthodontist on his 18th birthday and requested his permanent retainer removed. A permanent retainer can make it harder for you to floss your front teeth. How to floss with permanent retainer reddit.

Permanent retainer fell out recently, my bottom permanent retainer fell off clean. You can also try a different floss to see if it makes a difference in your floss becoming stuck. To floss under a permanent retainer you can usually use whats called a floss threader (sold at most drug stores).

If this method does not work, then try gently moving the floss thread down and out across your tooth, like a gentle sawing motion. Usually this type of retainer is placed behind the six front lower teeth. If you are too forceful when removing the floss, you can damage your gums, resulting in bleeding, swelling, or irritation.

A retainer is a molded plastic piece with a couple wires designed to fit over your teeth, at least traditionally. As others have noted, teeth don't move in vivera retainers if they are properly made and worn. Advantage, disadvantage, cost and know all about it.

As with most things, flossing with permanent retainer becomes much easier with practice. Over the years, i've hated this thing. Removable retainers offer the advantage of easy use:

One potential downside is flossing. Some patients may find it more difficult to floss with a permanent retainer. How to floss with a permanent retainer.

A permanent retainer is a small wire that is glued behind the back of the front teeth. How to floss with permanent retainer reddit. You thread the floss through the loop and push the loop either behind the teeth under the permanent retainer, or my dentist actually pushes the end of the threader in between my gums.

I prefer the first option. This is a forum for anyone who is affected by a fear of the dentist, dental phobia, or specific dental fears. You’ll only need to thread your floss over the retainer once.

You can floss with permanent retainers, you just need a floss threader which i would get every time i went to the dentist (so twice a year). First of all, make sure to get a demonstration from your dental hygienist on how to floss with the retainer in place.for kids & teens — if you had braces done when you were a kid, it is recommended to have a permanent retainer for at least 10 years but if it is not causing any hygiene problems after 10 years.from what i’ve seen others post.

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