How To Make A Sword Out Of Cardboard


Diy minecraft crafts that are perfect for any gamer who loves minecraft. You can make a very nice, and very durable katana out of cardboard.

How to Make Sword from Cardboard, Popsicle Stick & Paper

Repeat this process until you have the six sheets glued together.


How to make a sword out of cardboard. Fold the blade from the same type of paper. Now to move on to the sword. I made two holes in the cardboard tube and stuck the wooden dowel through.

Take two pieces with opposing grains and apply wood glue to both, using a brush to spread it out. After that, then proceed to mark where the tip of the blade is and trace it. (i had to shrink down my sword’s handle so that my son could properly hold it.) once you have the right sizes, trace and cut out 4 more identical sword shapes.

Use the cardboard parts shown in the picture stick with the wooden stick to form the tang. This makes for a great cross guard and will give the hilt a ‘real sword’ like look when finished. When making cardboard swords follow these steps:

You just have to know some basic techniques and understand the properties of cardboard. First, cut out a shield and sword shape from your cardboard. Here is a free printable template to make your own pirate sword out of cardboard for your next diy project and birthday party.

Include the length of the handle! Note that i also have a youtube video tutorial that shows how i made this cardboard katana Check and make sure the size of your toys fits your child's hand.

Draw a straight line up your cardboard loo roll and smooth it out flat. I used a little bit of glue from my. First, download the template of the master sword above and see my video.

Pile together 7 or 8 sheets of newspaper. Grab some cardboard and let’s start making minecraft swords, torches, and pickaxes! * first start by folding a big piece of cardboard in half.

Just pick whichever side of the shield looks better, make that the front, and tape the handle to the back. Finish like with the little sword. Cut out a piece of paper to match the dimensions of your sword.

Using a permanent marker, draw the outline for your sword. Add the foil then decorate. The place that you hold your sword is called the hilt.

If you’re using a boxcutter, make sure to have an extra layer of cardboard underneath where you are cutting. A rounded tip is much safer. The traditional cardboard sword is done the same way as the other swords.

(my vantage sword has duct tape. Kids will still love it, and it is harder for them to do damage. Diy minecraft crafts ~ how to make minecraft swords, torches, pickaxes, and more out of cardboard!

In this tutorial i take you through all the steps necessary and explain the process fully. You can make bigger swords using the same principle make the inner tube out of heavier paper or cardboard. You can use any paper you like, but newspaper is extra big and lends to a much more intimidating sword.

This cardboard will stick to the wooden stick to make the sword firmer. * next, draw the design of the sword you want to make on the cardboard. Cut out six sheets of cardboard in 4 x 30 inch pieces, three pieces where the grain of the cardboard runs one way, three pieces where it runs the other way.

Fold the loo roll around the blade until you can't fold it anymore, then tape it together with masking tape across the long side. Lay the sword in the very middle of the cardboard. Cut the other part of your sword out.

I drew the sword on the same cardboard box. * tape the ends of a broom handle or dowel with masking tape to make. The weakest part of the sword will be where the blade meets the handle.

Cut out two copies of the sword shape, add a rod or pole in between then tape the two halves together. These crafts are perfect for a minecraft birthday party, decorating that perfect. Just make sure you don't put a sharp end on it.

If you want a sword that's 3 (7.5 cm) wide and 15 (37.5 cm) inches long, cut out a piece of paper with those dimensions. *cut out the shape from the folded cardboard that way you have two identical pieces of cardboard. On the other end of the cardboard roll, i cut.

Using a marker, draw out the sword on a piece of cardboard, using the exact dimensions you'd like your sword to be. Take the sword and trace it onto another part of your box. Let's go through the video one time before making it.

Tape the handle to the back of the shield. After you have the right size cardboard, make sure the cross guard of the sword is on the edge of the cardboard, so only the blade rests on the cardboard and no other part of the sword. Pirate day pirate birthday pirate theme 4th birthday parties 2nd birthday pirate sword diy lego hand mermaid school summer camp themes.

Make sasukes sword from the anime naruto. Remember to include a guardrail if your design suggests it, and leave enough room on the hilt to comfortably. Use a boxcutter or scissors to cut it out.

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