How To Make A Vegas Bomb Shot


It will be super entertaining to watch your fellow partiers try and down this great tasting drink. Some cocktails are stern in their ingredients, but the vegas bomb is an amusing and springy beverage.

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Carefully drop the shot glass in the the glass with red bull.


How to make a vegas bomb shot. What is a vegas bomb? To make the vegas bomb cocktail you’ll need the following ingredients. Vegas bomb recipe need a quick trip but can't make it to las vegas for a getaway?

Well, then bring vegas to you! 4.6/5 (18 reviews) share on facebook. The drinker drops the shot into the glass and drinks the whole thing together.

Fill the shot glass almost to the top with peach schnapps. Vegas bomb only requires 4 ingredients to make it. The drinker used to drop the shot into the glass and take it together.

The one described in this article is the most important and difficult to make. Red bull or similar alternative. All of these are served with a small glass of red bull, and you drink it as a shot.

This drink got it's name because it was meant to be dropped in a glass of red bull. One of the better & more popular 'bomb shooters' out there, the vegas bomb shot is a tasty combination of candian whiskey, schnapps & energy drink. With the tiny space available add a tiny amount of cranberry juice.

There are a few different versions here are a few of the most popular. The vegas bomb shot can be made in three different ways, each one getting a little easier (or lazier) to make. Dubbed as the “best shot ever made,” vegas bomb is the perfect party drink.

Next, make your vegas bombs. Similar to other “bomb” cocktails, the move here is to drop the shot into the glass of energy drink and throw it back! You should drink everything all together at once.

The vegas bomb shot is a combination of the royal flush shot (crown royal whiskey, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice) into a glass of red bull. This name is taken from the name las vegas which is a home of casinos. The vegas bomb is a blend prepared from a royal flush shot.

The simplest version is to leave out the malibu and replace it with crown royal and schnapps. How do you make a johnny vegas shot? It is ready and should be drunk together.

The vegas bomb is a cocktail made from a royal flush shot and an energy drink—usually red bull. Vegas bomb shot recipe & variations. Anyway, lets take a look at the recipe so you can make this and be the king or queen of your guest’s hearts:

How to make an awesome vegas bomb shot. This vegas bomb recipe shot will have you thinking you are a high roller in no time. The vegas bomb is best served cold and so it’s important to keep everything in the fridge.

Leave enough room to fit the shot glasses in there as well Make sure the red bull is cold and our the red bull into a glass. Like other “bomb” cocktails (such as a “sake bomb”) the drink is served as a single shot and a glass of energy drink along with it.

The cranberry juice is simply removed in the next version. Making a vegas bomb instructions. Learn how to make the perfect vegas bomb shot.

The royal flush is a popular drink in vegas, which is commonly seen in the hands of poker players and partiers on the strip of vegas. Vegas bomb is a cocktail drink made up of cranberry juice, crown royal, and peach schnapps. If you’re looking for an easy to make shot for your next drinking party, give the vegas bomb a try.

Vegas bomb recipe number 1. Some of the most popular bomb shots include the jager bomb, irish car bomb, sake bomb and of course the vegas bomb shot. For the vegas bomb pour the coconut rum, the crown royal and the peach liqueur into a shot glass.

Significantly different from other bomb shots, vegas bomb is insanely delicious and can take you down in just a few shots. ½ oz p each schnapps or butterscotch schnapps Method to make a vegas bomb.

Follow this simple method to make a shot of your favorite drink: Then mix all the three in a shot glass excluding red bull. Pour equal parts of crown royal and malibu into a shot glass.

Moreover, it is easy to use. This is the fun part… pour your vegas bomb shot mixture into shot glasses; ½ oz crown royal canadian whiskey.

Pour your red bull into your tall glasses. As the term implies, the vegas bomb is derived from the party city las vegas. Johnny vegas shot 1 part gold tequila 1 part watermelon schnapps 1 part energy drink preparation 1.

According to, the vegas bomb recipe is considered one of the most popular shot recipes in the world!. Drop the shot glass in the red bull glass. The ingredients are crown royal whiskey, cranberry juice, peach schnapps and red bull.

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