How To Make Hard Jun Kombucha


Brewers make hard kombucha with the same ingredients as regular kombucha, but a slightly different process. Jun kombucha is similar to regular kombucha, but uses green tea and honey instead of black tea and sugar.

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha Wild Tonic Jun kombucha

Just make sure you cool the bottles down in the fridge right after the second ferment is complete to prevent the bacteria from gobbling up all that alcohol we worked so hard to produce.


How to make hard jun kombucha. The main difference is the ingredient that feeds the year or bacteria. When the tea is finished infusing, remove the bags and pour your tea into a clean, glass jar. Now you can enjoy the probiotic health benefits of kombucha during happy hour with this alcoholic version of the trendy drink.

Sugar, yeast, bacteria and green or black tea are mixed. Making jun tea is exceptionally simple. You will also need to burp the bottle every day to avoid the mess.

Kombucha is a fermented tea made by using a scoby, which is a. Unlike regular kombucha, to make hard kombucha, we add more sugar and yeast to the mix, to increase the alcohol content. The popular, mainstream version of kombucha is made with cane sugar and black tea.

If you’re not familiar with kombucha making, i’ll give you a quick recap. Jun has more lactobacillus bacteria and less acetobacteria than kombucha. As always, feel free to experiment with different sugars, but keep in mind that your scoby and fermentation could be affected.

While kombucha’s first fermentation has to be made with black tea and uses sugar to create a scoby, jun is made from green tea and uses honey instead of sugar. Jun is make with green tea, honey (often raw honey), and a scoby. Jun tea is made with green tea and raw honey and is the lighter, faster brewing version of kombucha.

How to make jun tea. Although it looks like kombucha, jun is not quite the same.this fermented tea needs honey instead of sugar, takes less time to ferment and tastes very different. Whilst both jun and kombucha contain probiotics which are important for gut function but there is a key difference.

And i had plenty of scobys around to do so. To brew jun properly, follow the instructions. If after all of that, you still aren’t satisfied with the levels of alcohol, you’ll want to try producing kombucha wine or beer.

This camp states that jun cannot be made from a kombucha scoby and therefore one must seek out a pure jun scoby, which can be hard to find. The sugar helps increase alcohol levels … all the while maintaining that smooth, clean flavor profile that jun lovers crave. After having made regular kombucha, jun, and koffcucha the next logical step is to bump up the abv and make some hard kombucha.

Next, remove the jun kombucha scoby from your current batch of kombucha. 2014 sochi olympic gold medalist. Do not use metal bowls or utensils with your kombucha.

Jun is suitable for the gaps diet and other diets that restrict cane sugar, but allow for honey. Cover the container with a cloth, coffee filter, or butter muslin secured with a rubber band or canning ring. The best sugars for brewing kombucha.

Once the tea has cooled down quite a bit, strain it into the gallon jar. On the other hand, jun kombucha is made with honey and green tea, giving this type of kombucha an entirely different flavor profile than its more traditional counterpart. You can refrigerate the tea to make it faster.

Mix well using a wooden spoon. Here is a recipe to make your own jun tea at home! In my brewing environment, 1/2 tsp of sugar works perfectly for 16 oz in order to make the kombucha fizzy enough to drink without having to burp the bottle.

Jun has slightly more alcohol than kombucha, but both contain very little total alcohol. I made kombucha for 3.5 years and then realized i liked the taste of green so i wanted to try making jun. You probably don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen from a kombucha explosion.

Essentially, a kombucha scoby can be trained over time to culture any sweetened tea medium. It's an easy to make fermented drink that's great for your gut health. While there is a long list of tea you can play around with in kombucha, the list of potential sugars is a bit shorter.

Kombucha takes around 15 days for the first fermentation whereas jun takes about 10 days. How to make hard jun kombucha. Brewers make hard kombucha with the same ingredients as regular kombucha, but a slightly different process.

Add 125ml (½ cup) of ginger juice in 2l (2 quarts) of plain jun. Another line of thinking is that jun is a branch from the kombucha family tree. Then, we leave the mixture out to ferment for some weeks.

It has a lighter and fresher taste, and might even be healthier than regular kombucha. Furthermore, there are several producers of hard jun kombucha located in the united states. Hard jun kombucha simply takes our classic jun a few steps further to increase alcohol levels.

By manipulating the levels of yeast, sugars and the amount of time you brew, the alcohol levels can easily be increased.

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