How To Paint Baseboard Molding With Carpet


Run your 2″ masking tape roughly 1/2 an inch up onto the baseboard. Next, paint the bottom edge of the baseboard trim by pushing the brush into the crevice between the tape and the baseboard.

The Clever Way to Paint Baseboards Over Carpet Painting

Work on small sections of baseboard at one time.


How to paint baseboard molding with carpet. If installed after the carpet, it is easy to install the carpet all the way to the wall. To use a paint guard, put the long edge on top of the packing tape. Press it down into your carpet and slide it under your baseboard to set it under the wood.

When painting your baseboards, you will find three options of paint in different available sheens. Dust, debris and especially hair (human and pet) find its way into the corners and edges of a room. How to paint baseboard trim with carpet installed.

The tape would shift and move and rub against the freshly painted baseboard. The gap allows the painter to cover and protect the carpet and access the entire baseboard for painting. And, remember, you can always wipe off excess paint and start over if you make a mistake.

Use something with a wedge to gently pry the baseboard from the wall. Benjamin moore advanced is a popular choice; However, installing the baseboard can be more challenging because if you need to paint or caulk the baseboard you might stain or damage the carpet.

6 steps to paint baseboards with carpet installed. Keep in mind that there will be nails holding the trim to the wall. Sand the putty smooth with fine.the baseboard trim and crown molding is bundled up, sitting in the middle of the floor, waiting to be installed.the best way to paint trim is to begin with a clean surface.

Repainting a room can be broken down into several segments. Although baseboard molding is an essential component of a truly polished look, most people don’t give it a second thought—that is, until the baseboard gets scuffed, or the paint starts to chip. A paint guard or metal sheet will keep any dripping paint from falling on to your carpet by catching it before it falls from the baseboard.

Then, cut in along at the top of the molding using the tapered edge of the brush. How to paint baseboards with carpet. The trick is to use the right tool for the job.

You should separate the paint or reside from the baseboard’s connection to the wall. Vacuum around all the baseboard. If the baseboards are installed without a gap at the bottom of the baseboard, painting in place is more difficult.

Pull the carpet back from the baseboard. I start off by using a shop vac and really getting all of the debris out. Here is the way that i paint baseboard on carpet and achieve a perfect finish every time with absolutely no paint getting onto the carpet.

This method is straightforward, though time consuming. Al lemke from hopewell junction, n.y., has figured out a way to get masking tape between the baseboard and the carpet when he preps a. Professionals have discovered several ways to do this.

One of these segments is painting the baseboard trim, a process that can be somewhat. Using a utility knife, slide along the top of the baseboard where it meets the wall. Work with precision, since it's better to apply 2 or more thin layers of paint than 1 sloppy layer.

Painting in place requires a gap. To better protect the carpet, run another strip of tape next to the first and add a tarp to avoid paint splatters (which will happen no matter how careful you are). It was difficult to get the tape between the carpet and the baseboard.

Then, finish that section of baseboard with one or two long, quick strokes across the middle of the baseboard. I would often times end up with a few strands of the carpet poking through that would end up painted. The paint should bead slightly above the brush's bristles.

Apply paint to the middle of the molding to get some of the paint off of the brush. Paint guide, paint shield, carpet shield Installing baseboard is a great way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

It can be tricky to paint baseboards (or paint doors and trim) next to carpet and not get paint on it, in particular the baseboard trim. If your carpet is glued, this is not going to be the best method because it will be difficult to pull up the carpet without damaging it. Run the brush about 1/4 inch from the edge.

It can be purchased at one of their paint stores. There typically is a decent gap between the baseboard and the carpet that you will see once you are able to push down the carpet (and push back the tape). Slide the pad smoothly along the baseboard from left to right, making strokes that are each about 1 ft (0.30 m) long.

The Clever Way to Paint Baseboards Over Carpet Painting

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