How To Pass Emissions Test With No Cats

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That way you pass visually. Still failed and found out that i need cats for california emissions.

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Rather, this post will be a comprehensive list of repair information, to aid in actually repairing the […]


How to pass emissions test with no cats. I failed inspection because my engine light was on because of the catalytic converters. I live in pinal county so we do not have emissions here. I am having a very hard tim trying to find them for this car.

Go back to stock 02 settings in the tune and try using 02 spacers for the rear 02 sensors, they will push the 02 sensors out of the exhaust stream. To pass, you need to make sure that what comes out of your tailpipe is within the normal range of emissions as decided by the government. So my car is due for its first emissions test next year, and was wondering if it is possible to pass with an offroad pipe and o2 spacers.

It differs from county to county in pa though. #7 · nov 21, 2016. The last thing you wanna do though is get caught when they know you have no cats rather than just a bad cat.

All vehicles must pass the safety inspection every year, but some vehicles are not required to complete an emissions test. It's like a $10,000 fine. I usually make this change 1 block away from the facility, then change it back after i pull out of the other side.

No one will know you have 100 cell cats until you need to get an emissions test. If your catted downpipe only has 1 cat (most common), then you will only pass the emissions test for co, co2 and hc but fail for nox. I live in nevada and the rules are not super strict here.

You will pass with flying colors in colorado springs. Residents in the state of tennessee residing in a county with mandatory testing must get their vehicles to pass a vehicle emissions test before being able to obtain a tennessee vehicle registration or registration renewal. Exemptions for ma emissions inspections.

Tennessee smog check / emissions test. I have no cats and i passed inspection with no problems. Every state/area has different standards and no one can say for 100***37;

Mine is also vortech blown too. The tailpipe test, or opacity test, measures the darkness of the smoke coming from the vehicle's tailpipe with an opacity meter. In northampton county, they will likely do a visual check and they certainly test for emissions.

Sure if you will or will not pass. Absolutely, not all 200 cell cats are legal, but 200 cell is the highest flowing cat that is. There are many ways you can adjust the chemical makeup of what comes out of your tailpipe to compensate for shortcomings in your vehicle's emissions equipment.

I don't believe many shops look under your car but in all honesty the guy that inspects my car put my exhaust on so he knows it has no cats. Nj inspection changed so they just test emissions and don't even look at anything. As long as all your readiness tests are complete and no cel is on it should pass obd2 , visually it will not.

New tennessee residents that move to qualified counties have similar requirements. Stay out of boost, pass emissions, then change the crossover voltage back to 2.5. Hey i live in jersey and i have a california emissions 3003 honda accord v6 i.

Roll through the booth they plug it in and you are allowed to have one (1) emission failure, or non read and you will still pass emissions. Passing your smog test isn't magic, it's science. If you want to run no cats best to leave oem cats on and knock guts out.

Your best bet is to err on the side of caution and use a fully catted exhaust in an area that does testing or use a set up that you can swap out for emissions testing when that time comes. I hear that in the poconos they have no emissions testing requirements. If you do, it will fail and you will have to fit cats that comply so you can pass.there is no fine for having non efficient cats, just no cats.

Back in the day they used to inspect everything and have a video camera look for a visual cat under the car. Darker smoke emits more pollution than lighter smoke. You can have rear 02 turned back on in your tune and run anti foulers in.

#11 · feb 8, 2017. No emissions test required here. Lemme kno quick, and they didnt check anything at all, didnt even go under the car, i drove up, paid my money, moved up to the next person and they did the obd ii test and i passed and left, with no cats i think you will fail because the obd ii test will read the o2 sensors and what not but you can try as long as you have awhile to pass, i have.

This post will not be a laundry list of cheats. If your catted downpipe has 2 cats then you can pass the emissions test. I know this one site where you can buy spacers with mini cats built in to the spacer to trick the rear o2's into thinking there are cats.

In easton, no you will not pass. 99% of aftermarket cats won't set the readiness monitor either. If the smog guys an idiot yup lol.

People buy high flow cats thinking they will get them through emissions and they won't. My exhaust consists of amr longtubes, 3 back and xpipe no cats or resonators and magnaflow comp. Either way the car passed all other test with no problem.

Truth be told, just about any properly running vehicle will pass emission testing. Passed emissions sniffer with no egr and no cat on 92 pump.

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