How To Plant Caladium Bulbs In Pots

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Growing caladium plants is easy with proper caladium care. Caladiums in containers do well as patio or deck plants.

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At this point you will have to reduce watering to stop it completely when all the foliage is gone and your plant has entered the winter rest.


How to plant caladium bulbs in pots. Figure out which zone you live in before you plant caladium bulbs. If you are planning to plant caladium outdoors, follow these tips for a smooth and successful transplant. Learn how to plant, grow and care for caladium.

Potted caladiums are also easier to move. Caladium is a tropical ornamental plant that is native to the amazon river region of brazil. If planting outside, mix in about 1/3 compost to the native soil for good drainage.

Store it in its pot in a warm place not colder than 16°c (60°f). Select a pot that gives the bulb at least one inch of soil all around it. Transplant it when the soil warms outdoors.

Remove the plant and store in either a netting bag or in a box cover with peat moss. How to plant caladium bulbs in pots. In some locations, you’ll need to wait until late spring or early summer to plant caladium bulbs outdoors.

In heavy soil, like clay, you can go two times the length but always amend if you have clay soil. In this post, i have described all about caladium. Gently put the caladium bulb in the ground, with the eyes (knobby side) pointing up.

Caladium should be planted in flowerbeds that get full sun in the morning and late afternoon sunshine, along with midday shade. Planting bulbs in pots is a great way to enjoy the beauty of springtime flowers even if you don't have much garden space. Note where the sun rises and sets.

Caladium are seasonally dormant plants. How to plant caladium bulbs. Wear gloves when handling caladium bulbs.

The nighttime temperature should be around 60 to 65 degrees fahrenheit (15.5 to 18.3 degrees celsius). Place the bulb bumpy side up in the soil. Caladiums have been identified as the perfect accent plant in combination with bedding plants or in combinations with other caladium varieties.

There are numerous varieties of caladium found in the flamboyant leaf cultivar, as well as the banded leaf cultivar. Caladiums can be grown in containers or grouped within flower beds and borders. Plant the caladium tubers in a shaded spot in your backyard.

The usda divides the united states into 8 hardiness zones. Caladium bulbs need a soil temperature of about 70 degrees fahrenheit. Lift the bulbs roots and all into a box or take the potted plants from your garden to store them undercover over winter.

Then pull out the plants/bulbs lay them in a dray place until the plant and bulb have dried. Plant in peat pots, they make transplanting easy. For cold regions, caladiums should be grown in pots as the potting soil can warm up faster compared to the ground soil.

Start with a layer of soil before you plant your bulbs. You can plant more than 1 type in 1 pot, just make sure you layer the bulbs. If you don’t have a yard, caladium can be planted in pots and needs to be placed outside or in a greenhouse because it needs humidity to thrive.

Then store in a cool dry location. Caladium bulbs need a rest during every winter. Caladium bulbs have a rather smooth bottom side and a knobby (these are actually the eyes or growing points) top side.

You can then replant them in the spring. Plant them on june 15 if you are in hardiness zones 3, 4, or 5, on june 1 if you’re in zone 6, on may 1 if you’re in zone 7, on april 15 if in zone 8, and on march 15 if you reside in zones 9 or 10. Plant caladium bulbs outdoors when there is no risk of frost.

At the end of the growing season the leaves will start to fade. Caladium tubers are usually planted approximately 6 apart. Another alternative for northern areas is to plant.

First allow the foliage to die back.

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