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One of the biggest challenges in fire emblem: When it comes to super strong, super frail characters, lysithea is the best in the game.

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Defeat him with byleth, however if you didnt previously recruit him it is likely you wont be able to.


How to recruit lysithea post timeskip. I finished lysithea with byleth on be and got the option to spare her. Three houses is recruiting characters from other houses. Getting at least a c support rank with lysithea can lower the threshold to recruiting her.

Black eagles can recruit lysithea as long as edelgard or byleth is the one to kill her. The only real post timeskip recruitment is lysithea on the black eagles route (cf). You can, if you have enough support with the character after you defeat them you are give an option to persuade an recruit.

I heard that you can recruit lysithea in part 2 of the black eagles route if you didn't recruit her in part 1. She is a student at the officers academy who is from the leicester alliance and is a member of the golden deer. Lysithea is the only exception in cf that can be recruited post timeskip if not recruited before.

If you're playing crimson flower, you can recruit lysithea in chapter 14 if you defeat her during battle (though i'd still recommend recruiting her before then so you have more time to raise her stats and teach her skills, considering that crimson flower is only 18 chapters long). When she was two years old, her family suffered retribution from the adrestian empire. Golden deer can recruit ashe if you kill him with byleth.

Even if you end the map without killing them the game treats them as dead. I just started chapter 18 so i think i will just focus on the main team before going for other students. These starting conditions mean that she has a limited spell list.

So when i do the church route it'll be easier to recruit the other students? To go a bit further, you need to recruit lorenz/ashe in part 1. Blue lions can recruit lorenz post timeskip if byleth is the one to kill lorenz.

She possesses both a minor crest of charon and a major crest of gloucester. Best units to recruit in fire emblem: Lysithea for the black eagles, lorenz for the blue lions, and ashe for the golden deer.

So far, the only characters confirmed to be recruitable post time skip are lysithea on black eagles, lorenz on blue lions and ashe. Only post timeskip recruitment im aware of is lysithea in edelgards route, others ive either already recruited them before or didnt kill them with byleth. I also know that if you recruit anyone prior to the time skip, with the exception of flayn (and seteth, if he can even join you at all in the be route) they stay with you.

I finally got three houses! If you recruited them before the timeskip, you’ll have to get them again. You cant, to recruit ashe and lorenz in the routes you fight them in you need to have recruited them pre timeskip.

For my 1st playthrough, i'm doing the black eagles route, and i'm only looking to recruit lysithea and ashe (i felt really bad for him after chapter 3). So for example if i defeat her with s*** magic, will i still get her? Lysithea von cordelia is a name that most dedicated fire emblem:

If you recruited them pre timeskip you can recruit them. I saw a screenshot where someone recruited her post time skip and the support didn't reach c rank yet. Thimhidshadow 1 year ago #4.

Same thing happened to me. I had not recruited her prior to the timeskip. I think it could work with supports or requirements.

They'll leave and show up as enemy units in part 2. Three houses players will be super familiar with. I was able to persuade lysithea to join me on be post timeskip i was able to recruit lysithea too after defeating her but i didn't have any prior support with her and she.

I got lysinthia to b support when she joined my team post timeskip. To recruit lysithea in be after the time skip do i need to met her pre time skip requirements? I just got lysithea in black eagles route.

If spared, lysithea starts off with much lower stats and weapon proficiencies than when you fought her in the previous chapter and her starting class is mage instead of gremory. Lysithea is a playable character in fire emblem: Skyversa 1 year ago #5.

Lysithea is the eldest daughter and heir to house ordelia. Xunokun 19:22, july 31, 2019 (utc) If not then probably not at least i tried everything that came to mind and it didn't work.

Haven't had the time to test this, though. However, after passing 3/31 on the calendar, the game goes through a timeskip. However, i did have a c support with her.

I maxed out all black eagles with byleth and dy maxed all character supports between the team. It doesn't help the mission objective was to defeat all commanders, which those two were. How to recruit the best units.

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