How To Remove Shower Handle Plate


The delta series 1700 shower assembly utilizes a one valved handle to adjust the temperature, rather than a separate handle for the hot and the cold. Hold the arm of the faucet handle in place and twist the base counterclockwise.

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If disassembling further, ensure the water is turned off before beginning any repairs.


How to remove shower handle plate. Push a flathead screwdriver beneath the cover plate on the knob. There will probably be two screws, one on each side. Get rid of the trim plate screws and pull the wall surface tile plate to reveal the old faucet body.

You can use a utility knife instead of a flathead screwdriver. Remove the screw and pull out the handle. Then, remove the faceplate from the seal plate.

If the cover plate is stuck, use a handle puller to remove it. Using a phillips screwdriver, unthread the two screws and remove the seal plate. If the old dots block the plate, use a screwdriver to separate the trimming board from the tile.

Gently lift the screwdriver handle away, and the cover will pop off. As a safety precaution, you will want to go ahead and turn the water off under the sink for this method. Look for a screw under the handle or at the front concealed by an index cap.

The plate conceals the shower valve and fittings and prevents water from entering the wall opening for the valve. Locate the screws on the handle. To remove a delta series 1700 shower handle, remove the cover, screw, temperature control knob and handle.

Sometimes the screws will be very small, so anything that looks remotely round or hexagonal is fair game. Then, shut the water off and cut a hole in the small opening behind the trim plate, so you can reach the valve. Grasp the handle firmly and turn the bonnet counterclockwise until the handle and bonnet are removed from the valve stem.

Slide in the new handle, put the screw back and turn the water back on. To replace a shower faucet handle, start by turning off water to the shower. Draw the handle down the shower faucet.

Then, shut the water off and cut a hole in the small opening behind the trim plate, so you can reach the valve. To replace a shower valve, start by unscrewing the shower handle and trim plate, so you can remove them. First thing first, find out where the screws are located on the shaft.

To replace a shower valve, start by unscrewing the shower handle and trim plate, so you can remove them. 1) clamp a wire (or heavy string) onto the faucet and run it through the other end of that hole in your wall (that’s usually covered by a plate). Tie or tape this loose end down at one end of the rod.

If it's the stem that's stripped, you'll have to replace the entire valve. Using needlenose pliers, remove the valve clip and pull the valve out of the wall. Remove the shower/tub control faucet.

Then remove the handle screw and remove the handle by pulling it straight out. Release the large metal cover plate for the faucet assembly by undoing the screws with the philips screwdriver. Remove the decorative trimming on the knob.

You can do this easily with a thin, flat screwdriver. If a moen shower handle is stripped, you might have to pull out a retaining clip, using pliers, to get the valve out. Using needlenose pliers, remove the valve clip and pull the valve out of the wall.

This is a decorative cap that covers the screws holding your grohe shower temperature control handle in place. Use a phillips screwdriver to unthread the screws and remove the seal plate as well. Shower faucet handles costs between $20 and $100.

Shower faucet cover plates fit onto the wall behind the faucet handle. Pry the screw cover outward in a few areas until it pops off. 2) unscrew the faucet handle by hand — if it’s very tight, you can use pliers to pry it loose.

Turn the bonnet counterclockwise and remove the handle and bonnet from the valve stem. Removing a double faucet handle of a brand without screws or caps 1. Locate the screws in the shower cover plate.

Remove the faceplate from the seal plate. If you don’t find it in plain sight, then look for a shell that has the manufacturer’s logo on it. Twist the shower/tub control knob clockwise to remove it.

You will need a head screwdriver to remove the screw holding the centerpiece. Remove a screwless faucet handle. If the old dots block the home plate, use a screwdriver to separate the cutting board from the ceramic tile.

Remove the screw with the appropriate tool. You may need to wiggle the handle gently from side to side. How to remove stuck shower handle screw?

Turn off the water to the shower and unscrew the valve retaining the nut to remove the valve. Unscrew them to remove the plate.

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