How To Replace Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Many refrigerator makers have made it easy to remove and replace the filter yourself. Locate your water filter cover on the left side of the refrigerator’s base grille.

EveryDrop EDR8D1 Whirlpool Filter 8 8171413

Assuming an expected lifespan of 12 years, you’re paying an extra 97 percent of the fridge.


How to replace whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement cartridge. Order whirlpool oem part #edr4rxd1 and follow these steps: Before removing the old filter, place a cloth beneath the filter to catch the few drops of water that may fall when the filter is removed. You will find top water filter brands for whirlpool, pur, ge, kenmore and more.100% compatible and free shipping!

Whirlpool refrigerator filters make the ice and water from your refrigerator taste great and will also remove chlorine and other contaminants that may be in your water. The water supply to the refrigerator does not have to be turned off when replacing the water filter. Shop refrigerator water filter and replacement filters for berkey online for less at

Push the new cartridge into the head and turn clockwise until it stops. When it’s time for a whirlpool ® refrigerator water filter replacement, everydrop ® filters are the only filter approved by whirlpool. Two of the most common procedures to replace the water filter cartridge is the water filter in the bottom grille of the refrigerator with a turn and pull out method, and the water filter in the grille that is removed by a push button method.

Compatible with whirlpool filter 4, edr4rxd1, 4396395, 469006, 4396508, edr5rxd1, filter 5, edr7d1, filter 7, 4396701, 4396702, edr6d1, filter 6, 8171413, 8171414, edr8d1, filter 8 and more. Gently tug on cap to ensure it is snug. Pull the filter so it’s angled down, turn it to the left and pull.

Many older models have the filters behind or below the refrigerator and are connected directly to the water line. Find refrigerator water filters and replacement fridge filters online for less at But newer models often keep the cartridge inside the refrigerator for easier replacement.

Nsf 42 certified refrigerator water filter retains beneficial nutrients in water while removing the taste of chlorine and odor leaving you with a fresh and clean tasting water. Everydrop filter 1 water filter cartridge for whirlpool refrigerator models 3wsc19d4ay00, & gsf26c4exw00. Push the eject button to release the filter.

Use refrigerator air filter & water filters to keep food fresh and water pure. Replace your whirlpool refrigerator filter cartridge every 6 months. Remove the filter straight down and discard (the water will shut off automatically) push the new filter into the fridge and twist clockwise until it is fully in place.

Purge air from the water line. Replacing a refrigerator’s water filter is a common step in refrigerator maintenance. Slide the filter cap on.

Flush 3.9 gallons (3 minutes) of water and dump the first three batches of ice after replacing the cartridge. Conserve money and buy a filter to replace your water filter. 1 moreover, whirlpool water filter replacements by everydrop ® are nsf certified to reduce lead and up 65 other potentially harmful contaminants.

Align arrows on the cap and new filter. Whirlpool wheerf replacement water filter cartridges & everydrop by whirlpool refrigerator water filter 4, edr4rxd1, pack of 1. Turn clockwise to snap in place.

There is no worry about possible water leakage, as our cartridge. Replacements for the whirlpool fridge water filter, nsf certified to reduce harmful substances such as chlorine, lead, cyst, benzene, etc. Twist the old filter counterclockwise until it is free.

Push filter into the base grille until the eject button pops. Locate the filter inside the refrigerator at the right rear in a vertical position. The whirlpool refrigerator water filter replacement process varies depending on the location of the filter in the fridge and the technique used to remove or install a new one.

How to remove and replace the mwf or xwf filter cartridge: 2 that means it’s a whirlpool ® fridge water filter you. Pull the filter out and discard it.

Pull open the filter door.

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