How To Reset Maintenance Light On Toyota Tacoma 2015


Active 4 years, 8 months ago. The maintenance light on a toyota tacoma is there to remind you to get your vehicle to a shop to get services done on it.


Please follow the instructions below according to your vehicle trim level.


How to reset maintenance light on toyota tacoma 2015. Turn the vehicle off and press the trip meter reset button. If the system detects a problem, a warning light on the instrument panel with appear. How toyota’s maintenance reminder system works and what to expect.

You take the service of a toyota dealership for the oil change, they will reset maintenance light toyota for yourself. If they forgot to, or you are servicing the car yourself then you can turn it off. The 2013 toyota tacoma is offered in a gasoline model.

Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine). Toyota recommends not to ignore the light and doing a series of inspections to prevent damages to the engine. After performing the oil change the maintenance data will need to be reset.

Press and hold odo/trip button and turn ignition to the “run” position. Can someone please tell me how to reset the maintenance light on my trd sport? Then turn the ignition to off.

U need to put it on trip a (with the key off) once u get in on trip a, push and hold the button down,while holding button down turn key on, you will see lines pop up on the odometer, (where the miles are displayed) they will go out one by one, once it. We have a 2008 tacoma here, so let me show you how that is done. For toyota tacoma years 2006, 2007,2008 models the oil reset maintenance light system can also be reset as follows:

The sole function of toyota’s maintenance reminder system is to remind the driver to take their car in for an oil change. I had the dealer to the 5k maintenance before it was due and now that i hit 5k the maintenance light came on. Put the key to the on position but don’t start the car.

The maintenance required light is standard in all newer toyota vehicles, and helps insure long life and dependability by making sure factory maintenance intervals are met. While holding the trip meter reset nob, turn the ignition to 'on', but do not start your toyota tacoma. Usually a dealership or shop will turn this light off when they are done with the services.

The odometer should display the miles, not the trip meter. Press and hold the trip meter reset nob (next to your toyota tacoma's odometer). To disable it all you have to do is start with the vehicle off.

After an oil change, you should reset your maintenance required light on your toyota tacoma. Toyota tacoma reset maint reqd light indicator. It turns on 5000 miles after the last time it was reset.

There are 2 methods to reset the maintenance reminder on your toyota tacoma. These intervals happen at mileage or time intervals (typically every 5000 miles/6 months). How to reset oil maintenance required light on toyota tacoma.

Late model toyota tacoma pickup trucks are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (tpms). The toyota tacoma’s maint reqd light indicates a service interval has been met. I just finished the oil change, and then now i’m back in the car, and we’re going to do the maintenance.

I tried the procedures for the 2015 and it didn't work and the only reference to 2016's i've found is below and i can't seem to get that to work either. This reset should be done after changed the engine oil and filter according to the technical specifications relating toyota tacoma engine. This system is designed to alert drivers when the pressure in one or more tires falls below the recommended inflation pressure.

Follow these steps to reset this light: Turn your ignition key to the 'acc' or 'lock' position. Ensure odometer reading is shown.

Hold the meter reset until the maint reqd light switches off. Press the odo/trip button to display to odo. Continue to hold down the trip odometer reset button until “000000” miles appears on the display and the maintenance light turns off.

Once you have turned the key back off, make sure that you press the trip meter reset button to reset the maintenance required light. The computer system tracks the engine miles from the time it was reset, and the light will trigger after 5,000 miles of driving. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine).

With vehicle ignition switched to on position, make sure odometer is showing “tripmeter a”, then turn the ignition switch to off position. Push and hold the trip reset or mode button. The maintenance required light is lit up on the dash.

Ask question asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 20k times 3 i just changed the oil on my girlfriend's 2015 toyota rav4 le. If your vehicle has an ignition button, press the start/stop button two times without step on the brake pedal.

To reset the 2005 toyota tacoma maintenance light, please follow these instructions: Reset the maintenance required light on my 2008 toyota corolla ok on your speedometer, theres trip a, trip b, and the regular odmo. Continue to hold down the trip odometer reset button until “000000” miles appears on the display and the maintenance light turns off.

While holding down the trip meter reset knob turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine). Press and hold the odometer reset. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine).

How to reset the maint reqd light in a 2015 toyota rav4? How to reset maintenance light toyota. Hold this button for a while.

While holding reset button, switch ignition to on position.

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