How To See Who Shared Your Post On Facebook Android

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How do i control who sees posts and photos that i’m tagged in on my facebook profile? If you'd like to share your feedback, you can do so by visiting the form linked below:

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Add your account (s) step 3:


How to see who shared your post on facebook android. Within the “notifications” menu, click on the “edit” link next to “on facebook” at the top of the list. Something i hid from my profile is showing up in search on facebook. To use the facebook sharing sdk in your project, make it a dependency in maven, or download it.

Within news feed preferences, tap on a friend’s profile picture to see their posts first. From the news feed on the left, click pages. By default, it shows your activity from the current year, starting with your most recent activity.

Your activity log lets you review and manage what you've shared on facebook. Finding out who is following your facebook page is much easier than knowing who’s following your profile. See facebook and other messages.

There will be a drop down menu to the right where you can selection “on facebook and email”, “on. You will see a list of your followers here. For instance, you can add a photo or a video.

Click the share option and you should see the name of the person who shared your facebook post. Doing so takes you to your facebook profile page. Besides facebook, you can see the messages and conversations as they happen on other social apps.

Yes, you can now see who has viewed your facebook profile. How to see who is following your facebook page. You can also see the photos, videos, and gifs shared with each other.

Control who can find you. On the applications screen, scroll down and tap on facebook. Use aischedul to see who shared your content on instagram.

How to see all the posts that mentioned you on instagram? If some of the people who shared your post, shared the post with the privacy setting of friends, you may not be able to see their name if you are not facebook friends with them. Select the search box at the top of facebook and type in a phrase connected to the post, then press enter.

You could add more things to your post. Here’s how you can do so: Open settings in your android phone or tablet.

You can scroll down to see the rest of your news feed normally. (facebook will omit his comment in my newly shared post.) how can i reshare my friend's post not the shared link only? You will then see any new stories they’ve shared since your last visit to facebook at the top of news feed, with a star in the top right of their post so you know why they’re at the top.

Final words on how to see who shared your instagram post. Choose the method you prefer with the following button. Select a colored square to choose a background for your text.

On the settings screen, scroll down and tap on apps or applications. To access the list of who has viewed your profile, open. How do i change the audience of a post i've shared on my facebook timeline?

Use the repost mention feature to see if someone shared your photo. On the next screen, tap on permissions. You can see the messages sent and received through facebook and facebook messenger.

Keep in mind that if you add a photo, video or link to your post, you won't be able to add a background. Tap post in the top right. Keep in mind that only you can see your activity log, but stories in your activity log may appear other places on facebook, like on your.

The sharing sdk for android is a component of the facebook sdk for android. You could also add your location by clicking location.or even add a feeling/ add an activity to your post, click feeling/activity. To see more background options, tap on the right.

The feature is buried deep in your privacy settings and is only available on the ios app for now. Hello @pareshmayani is it possible that i can share a post on two social site on an single button click. Before you can share to facebook from your app, you to link or download the facebook sharing sdk for android.

Log in to your facebook page. The new feature lets you see who visited your profile in the past 30 days, past day as well as who has viewed your most recent posts. When we see a post from our facebook friend that shares another post from someone else on facebook, we want to reshare it.

Scroll down to the “what you get notified about” section and look for the entry “close friends activity”. I've hidden tagged photos or posts from my facebook timeline, but people can still see them. This is based on their personal privacy setting, eg, if the post is shared by someone your not friends with on facebook, and their privacy is set to friends only, then you might not be able to see their name.

My issue is that the share button will share the original post not my friend's post. This is near the top of your profile page. Follow the steps below to prevent facebook from accessing photos on android phone or tablet.

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