How To Turn On Hot Water Heater Pilot Light


If you need pilot light service for more than one appliance, choose “multiple appliance services.”. Once in the pilot position, press the control knob down fully and keep holding it down for 30 seconds.

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If your water heater has a pilot light, it’s a gas model.

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How to turn on hot water heater pilot light. Is it safe to leave the water heater on the pilot? If your hot water heater is a manual, grab a long lighter. Some water heaters have a red or black igniting button, and others.

Doing this starts the flow of gas into the tube that supplies the pilot light. Wait at least five minutes to ensure the gas has dissipated. Pilot lights depend on the electric signal from a thermocouple to stay on, and the thermocouple in turn depends on the heat of the pilot light to provide that signal.

It acts as a safety device to prevent gas leaks. If you have a stove inside, light it to purge the lines of air. Turn the gas valve to the pilot setting and push down on it.

Leaving the water heater on a pilot mode is safe. It’s easy to turn your water heater pilot back on. Hold the pilot button down to “prime” the thermocouple—otherwise it will cut the gas supply to the pilot light.

This will start the flow of gas so you can light the flame. The thermocouple is triggered by an electric current produced by the pilot light. To relight the pilot, turn the knob to the pilot position.

Lighting the pilot light on a manual hot water heater. But first, check for a gas leak. Let’s start by explaining the water heater pilot light so you can better understand how it functions.

The pilot light turns on, lighting the burner. If there’s a leak, then igniting a flame can cause an explosion. On most hot water heaters this is a small flame or spark symbol.

Once you turn it on, set it to your desired setting. Turn the gas knob to “pilot,” press and hold it down. I know you might be worried about the gas but this does not use a lot of gas.

Remove the outer and inner access panels at the bottom of the heater. After removing the metal plate covering the pilot button, scan the interior and find the pipe or pipes that lead up to the burner. A functioning pilot light should appear blue in color, which can help you determine whether or not your pilot light is working.

Turn the on/off switch to the pilot setting. The end result is the hot water that your home enjoys. While holding the control button down, press the igniter button repeatedly for about 40 seconds.

Whether it’s new or old we can find a solution to turn the pilot light on. If that’s clear, you can proceed. Under “service description,” select your appliance from the dropdown list.

Sniff around the pilot light area and make sure you don’t smell any gas. Then the pilot can solve your problem. Turning on electric or tankless water heaters step 1:

Turn it to the “off” setting. Now that the pilot light is lit, you can turn on your water heater. Ours is just inside and is bent slightly upward.

Now, go and enjoy a nice hot shower (after letting the water heat up, of course). Then hold an aim and flame or the like under the the tube where the gas comes out. Locate the pilot button (should be located next to the on/off switch) and hold it down as you light the pilot light in the next step.

For gas water heaters, it is simple: If there is a smell of gas, however, immediately shut off the gas and call your local gas company. How to turn on gas water heater pilot light?

But before looking at the old models let’s find out how to relight the newer versions first because the new ones come with a pilot light ignitor on its own. While still holding the gas down, light that pilot. Ours is an old lady.

How to turn your water heater pilot light back on. Turn on the breaker for the hot water tank. The thermocouple is the brain of your water heater.

A pilot light is a small flame present to ignite the gas burner on your water heater. Then put the button on the water heater to pilot, and hold it down. Follow these steps to turn it back on:

Some water heaters have a separate button for pilot mode, usually a red one, which you’ll press and hold. After you make sure your tank is full of water, turn on the breaker that controls your water heater. It’s responsible for closing the gas valve when it senses the pilot light is off.

If the rv water heater pilot light won’t stay lit, you may have a bad thermocouple, incorrect air/gas mixture, not enough propane pressure, etc. Especially if you are not going for a long period. If the pilot light goes out on a water heater, it is not an indication of anything dangerous.

Water heater pilot light issues: If your water heater’s gas valve does not push down, look for a red control button near the valve. Turn the temperature control knob to the lowest setting.

How to turn on a gas water heater. Congrats, you’ve lit your rv water heater pilot. Most issues can be fixed with a little routine maintenance.

Shutting the water heater off is not a good idea.

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