How To Use Moonology Oracle Cards

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On the left is a comparison between the moonology oracle cards (at the bottom) and the moon deck (on top). You can ask questions about love, money, work or anything else.

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The cards combine lunar phases, lunar events and the zodiac to help offer universal wisdom.


How to use moonology oracle cards. Use these gorgeously illustrated oracle cards to tap into her ancient wisdom for healing, guidance and protection, and learn how to work with her magical energy during each lunation. By yasmin boland | nov 28, 2011 | blog, news. Discover how to use the moonology oracle cards to give accurate and meaningful readings for yourself and others!

The moonology oracle cards are a deck of 44 oracle cards, complete with a guide book. It’s what lunar dreams are made of. The moonology oracle cards, created by yasmin boland, help you use lunar energy to find guidance and clarity.

In this post, we're going to discuss how you can use oracle cards to access divine guidance. Photo by amanda linette meder of the moonology oracle cards box with milky calcite and a bundle of sage. Ask the universe for guidance.

Moonology oracle cards, yasmin boland ; The moonology oracle cards use the moon’s power to help you gain clarity in your life and bring you advice on where changes can be made in a positive way. Some readers use moon oracle cards only during certain times, like a specific lunar phase such as the full moon, the new moon, or other special events.

It’s very easy to use and absolutely easy to get their messages as, with some powerful affirmations and a combined lunar phase, you will have a deep. The power of oracle cards. One of the most common ways to use oracle decks, especially for complete divination beginners, is a one card pull.

The deck was created by yasmin boland (with artwork by nyx rowan) and consists of 44 cards broken up into 4 sections: Top 5 beginners friendly oracle cards decks moon oracle cards moonology oracle cards by: The moonology oracle avoids this, and the addition of assigning cards to moon phases or astral events allows the reader even further flexibility of interpretation as well.

The creator of the deck put a video together as a guide: I'd like to share with you my reading today and a few of the. Who i think this deck best suits:

This is one i always come back to on days that i am looking for my deepest answers, this deck always seems to deliver the clearest insight. Moon oracles cards are oracles cards inspired by the lunar phases and their meanings. When to use moon oracle cards.

Still always and forever a tarot gal, but i really am enjoying the additional interpretations generated through this deck! How to use moonology oracle cards. The moonology oracle is quickly becoming one of my favorite oracle decks to work with.

They are just too scary and i didn’t want to freak myself out! Click the card deck image below to shuffle the cards. Oracle cards are just one of many types of divination tools.

Using the cards in this way gives you a focus for the day and tells you what the universe wants you to know that day. The moon oracle card deck is one of the best decks for beginners as it is linked to the energy and the beauty of the moon. Moon phase cards, new moon cards, full moon cards, and a set of specialty cards.

The moonology oracle deck comprises powerful and magical cards to use whether you want a deep answer to a probing question or just quick guidance. If you are feeling confused about something, the cards will do their best to bring you clarity. Yasmin boland & nyx rowan.

Other readers do it on a daily basis and they don’t consider it as an eventful thing to do but as a daily practice to add to their readings. Updated 2020.03.19, and just as a fyi, this post includes affiliate links. How to use oracle cards to connect with spirit — amanda linette meder.

These cards are large, colourful and easy to read. From a neutral state of mind, ask the question you want the oracle to reveal. This deck is easy to read and interpret.

The accompanying guidebook reveals how to interpret the cards and work with them to create, plan and predict your life. A few years ago, i decided that i would no longer use tarot cards on myself. The queen of the moon deck is an oracle by stacey demarco.

The messages delivered are very clear. The moon deck is about the standard size for an oracle deck and the moonology one is slightly larger. I would go so far to say they are more popular than other forms of cartomancy (card divination) such as tarot, lenormand or playing cards.

Actually i do believe we create our own reality with our thoughts, and that tarot cards really just tell us what we are creating.

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