Modified Contour Drawing Examples

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Play the video lesson contour line in art: 20 minute drawing of your hand as the model.

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A modified contour drawing is done when the artist looks intently at edges of an object, but rarely looks at the paper while the pencil moves.


Modified contour drawing examples. Contour drawing is an exercise where the artist focuses on drawing the outline of a subject or object. Blind and modified contour drawing. The objective of this kind of exercise is to focus on the shape of the subject instead of its details.

You may lift your marker occasionally, to find a new starting point. 10 minute drawing of your hand as the model exercise 2: 2b pencil, no eraser, and a piece of 9 x 12 drawing paper.

It is very similar to a “blind” contour because the artist only looks at the drawing. Drawing only the outlines of a subject and its parts and not any shading. Even though you want to spend most of your time looking at the object you’re drawing, if you ever need to move your pencil to a new spot, you can take a glance at your paper to make sure your aim is right.

Blind and modified contour drawing. When you think of drawing an apple, you will automatically begin by following the visible edges of the shape. Drawing projects drawing lessons drawing techniques drawing tips art lessons blind contour drawing contour drawings gesture drawing teaching drawing.

Modified contour drawing is similar to blind contour drawing, but it lets you look at your paper every once in a while. Hands are a very common object to do a contour drawing of, so once you finish, you can look online or in art books for lots of other examples of contour drawings of hands to compare to your own piece. Make a contour drawing of your hand.

Feeling your way around the form. What do we look for with a modified contour? The artist only looks at the paper to place their pencil when they start a new line.

Blind contour drawing is an exercise in visual concentration | free drawing lessons. Contour drawing is creating precise line drawings by. Gesture drawing helped me a lot when starting.

Lb/11 a modified contour drawing is done when the artist looks intently at edges of an object, but rarely looks at the paper while the pencil moves. This outline, or contour, describes the outermost edges of a form and so, you can quickly draw an apple. Composition studies and resulting drawings.

Definition, drawing & examples, pausing it at 1:07. As the students are watching the lesson, display the flower for all to view. This is because an artist drawing with contour lines will.

If you're interested in strengthening your drawing skills, contour line drawing is a great starting point for beginning drawers. Contour drawing is the place where most beginners start because it is the most obvious. What is important is the way blind contour drawing gets your mind off.

Although not completely blind, the artist should only look at the paper 10% of the time, and at the object 90% of the time. The use of contour line in drawing. It is very similar to a “blind” contour because the artist only looks at the drawing paper 10 % of the time, and the object they are drawing 90 % of the time.

You can look at your paper 10% of the time. A modified contour line drawing allows you to look at your paper and pick up your pen, using multiple lines instead of one. See more ideas about drawings, contour drawing, contour line drawing.

15 minute drawing of your hand as the model exercise 3: If you aren’t sure where to start with contour line art, start with something right in front of you! Depending on what you want to improve, there are specific contour exercises that you can do.

Drawing in which contour lines are used to represent subject matter. It is the same as a blind contour except: What is a modified contour?

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