Snow Leopard Drawing Step By Step

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Next connect the ovals from the previous step and thicken the tail with another curved line. Add a smooth guideline for its tail.

Snow Leopard (Panthera unica) Line Art and Full Color

Then, draw rounded triangles on either side of the line, erasing as necessary.


Snow leopard drawing step by step. On the head draw slightly pointed ears, intersecting lines of facial symmetry and a small oval in the lower part of the head. 198 best cats images in 2017 funny kitties funny animals funny cats. Simple leopard drawing at paintingvalley com explore collection of.

How to draw snow leopard drawing step by step for beginners 10 interesting information about the snow leopard living in the high mountains and steep slopes of central asia, the distinctive feature of the snow leopard is its long tail and smooth white fur with large black spots on its body. After that draw the front leg. For the face, draw a small circle and a letter q, just above, for the eye and the nose.

Collection of snow leopard clipart free download best snow leopard. Use guidelines to define places for the legs, eyes, ears and mouth of the snow leopard. Sketch the legs, feet, snout and ears of the animal.

Draw a curved line across the top of the small circle, outlining the leopard's brow. Intermediate this tutorial covers the process of how to create a detailed drawing of a snow leopard eye. But before you add bookmarks, be sure to delete all the guides and shapes that you drew in step one.

This is how your drawing. Snow leopard eye step by step coloured pencil tutorial. How to draw a simple leopard snow leopard drawing easy draw simple.

Draw a line, which will act as the center of its head. How to draw snow leopard 2 from animal jam step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Draw shapes for the animal’s body and neck.

Be sure to make your lines bumpy to show the fur! Standard printable step by step. Just above the eyes on either side, draw broad, flat.

How to draw a snow leopard. Draw a small curved w at the bottom of the snout for the mouth. Begin with drawing three circles, two medium and a small one!

Add a triangular nose down from the eyes, but exactly between them. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw a snow leopard. Then trace a small smile, continuing along to draw the neck.

Next, draw a long, curved line descending from the final circle to form the tail. A snow leopard is a large spotted cat that lives in the mountains of asia. Start with two small dots and then draw a circle around them.

Draw the face by adding two dark ovals in the middle, with a curved line over each. Step 2 we next trace a final drawing. Now draw the nose and mouth.

Since no cheetahs are the same, you can pick and choose where you want your points. This is a round shape with two triangle shapes at the top for ears. These will form the snow leopard's ears.

Then draw the snow leopard’s ears. At the top of the head, trace a sloped line for the forehead and another pointed line for the nose. The endangered snow leopard is under pressure as much of its habitat is under threat from the expanding human population in asia.

For your final drawing step all you need to do is sketch out each position on the snow leopard body as you see here. Now with the help of simple lines we sketch out the paws of our leopard. Step 1 we start the sketch with the snow leopard’s head and the body adding detail as we go along.

Draw two tiny triangles on either side of the top of the head for ears. First draw the head of the snow leopard. It was completed using the caran dache luminance pencil range but we have provided a colour chart beside the reference image so you can select the pencils from your own.

Facebook youtube pin interest instagram toggle navigation Standard printable step by step. Start by drawing the head.

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