How To Catch Muskie With Live Bait

This is the perfect spot to use live baits. This is a great holding place for bigger fish in a reservoir system.

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Therefore, you’ll want to try to catch bait directly from the water you are fishing.


How to catch muskie with live bait. Worms and nightcrawlers are usually the first type of bait we all used when learning to fish. So i bought the biggest of each kind and had a battle of physical fortitude. Generally, the best muskie bait is going to be what the musky are use to eating.

If you’re the patient sort, you can also rig the bait with a heavy egg sinker instead of a bobber. A musky eating 5 inch bluegill day in and day out are a lot less likely to go after a 2 inch shiner than they are the 5 inch bluegill they have come to know and enjoy. Too many gut hooked fish was and is the normal argument against using live bait.

Some people frown upon using live bait for musky. You can also catch muskies at night but you really need to slow down your approach or use live bait like ciscos, yellow perch, or suckers. Early spring can sometimes be a difficult time to catch muskie because the fish are not feeding in the early part of the season.

Catching muskie with live bait. It is the end of the road and a great place to hook into a big muskie. You have to match the hatch!

Few would argue the point that live bait for muskie works. Plastics —more specifically mid & mini medussas. The size you use depends on the size of the muskie.

Can you catch muskie on live bait? While the exact best live bait for muskie will vary based on common food sources in each body of water, the best artificial bait for muskellunge are bondy bait, mid medusas, and double bladed bucktails. Muskie can be caught at any time of year.

When the fish strikes, expect a long and fast drag screaming run. Rig skip baits using a whole fish for fishing ; Musky anglers know well the benefits of using big live suckers to catch muskies, especially in the fall/winter season.

And one of the best methods to catch them is with live bait. Sure, fall is hunting season, but for diehard muskie anglers, it’s also the best time of the year to target trophy fish. Use live bait for catching muskies ;

You can’t talk predator fishing without giving a big topwater option, and the joe bucher top raider is one of the most popular muskie topwater baits there is. Use a bridle rig for live bait fishing ; Sink the sucker to the bottom of a hole where it can struggle and eventually a passing muskie might inhale it.

Pick big bluegill of at least 9 inches (about 22 cm) or so. While fishing with worms may seem mundane or childish even, there is a reason it is so popular. Knowing how and where to use live bait can prove very beneficial.

Rig a yum craw bug fishing bait with alton jones Learning their seasonal patterns can go a long way towards increasing your success rate when muskie fishing. It is the furthest point upstream these fish can go.

Freshwater fish love to eat worms! The best live bait to draw strikes from muskellunge is shiners. Keep reading to know more about what it takes to catch a muskie.

The best live bait tends to be sucker minnows or large minnows with a live bobber rig. For this in the spread winter muskie fishing video, our venue is the still water environment of a lock adjacent to a dam. Bucher has been around the block, and his bait offerings are reflected by his dedication to muskie fishing.

Joe bucher’s bait have been catching muskie for a long time. Shiners can be dropped to the bottom with a weight or fished near the surface below a float. Cast your lures in deep weed edges.

Some of hardest days muskie fishing i can remember dealt with chucking big plastic baits over my shoulder on a 9 foot xxh rod.i was always told to “go big or go home”, and there was no way i was going home. It “may be” controversial in some corners, but it works. Rig a garfish for fishing swimming bait ;

Some may argue that using live bait for muskie is unfair to the sport of fishing. Rig a live crab through its horn when fishing ; Early may can be one of the most frustrating times to pursue musky, but i guarantee that if you implement the use of live bait into your routine this spring you will catch more and bigger musky no matter where you fish!

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