How To Clean Rv Awning With Magic Eraser


Depending on the type of awning you have, there are different cleaning methods. Then she heard about using the magic eraser, and the war was won. Mr. Clean ExtraDurable Magic Eraser Cleaning Sponge with Scrub the fabric, but not too hard. How to clean rv awning with magic eraser. In my trials of removing black […]

How To Use Bissell Little Green Pet Stain Eraser


This cleaner has an inbuilt water heater that gives more enhanced results. For maximum run time, charge the unit 4 hours prior to use. Ever wondered why carpet stains are inescapable no matter We love to clean and we’re excited to share one of our innovative products with How to use bissell little green pet […]

How To Clean Inside Car Windows With Magic Eraser


Keep in mind, do not use the magic eraser hard and dry or it may leave small scratches on your car’s windshield. Several people mentioned the magic eraser, so i gave it a try. Have a lot of dirt, smoke film, dust and other greasy A magic eraser is an excellent option for removing haze […]