How To Cook Pizza Rolls In Instant Pot Air Fryer

Work in batches as needed. Start by laying out your crescent rolls on a flat surface, i typically use a cutting board.

Homemade Air Fryer Egg Rolls Air fryer recipes healthy

Make sure to have your pizza in while it preheats.


How to cook pizza rolls in instant pot air fryer. Preheat the air fryer to 375f / 190c. The pizza rolls were just beginning to split open, the crust was crispy and the insides were very hot and tender! Set the air fryer to 400°f for 5 minutes.

Spread 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce onto each strip, then quarter all the pepperoni and evenly distributed to all the 8 strips. How to cook pizza rolls in instant pot air fryer. Homemade bread instant pot air fryer lid duo crisp.

Select bake at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes. Preheat the air fryer for 3 minutes at 375 degrees fahrenheit. Be sure to read our post and download our cheat sheet on air fryer cook times for the 50 most popular air fryer foods.

Placed pizza rolls directly in basket, no oil and cooked for three minutes before shaking. (you’ll need to cook in batches if necessary.) 8. Enjoy immediately for best results but careful because they are hot on the inside.

When preheated, remove basket from air fryer and layer pizza rolls in one even layer. Using a dash air fryer — preheated for 3 minutes at 380f. For a great video on how to do this effortless, check this out.

Spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray, and then place the egg rolls into the air fryer basket. How to make air fryer pizza rolls. Place the egg rolls in the basket, seam.

Remove basket from air fryer and shake, then return basket to air fryer. Close drawer and cook for total of 5 minutes, shake basket after 2 minutes. Add ~1 tsp pizza sauce, ~2 tbsp mozzarella, and ~1 tsp of additional toppings to the bottom third of the egg roll wrapper.

Some air fryers state you don’t need to preheat them, but for foods with a short cook time (like most frozen food) i have definitely had better results using a preheated air fryer. 1 cup warm pizza sauce, for dipping. Place pizza rolls in air fryer.

Then place a pepperoni slice down and place a cheese stick (i cut mine up in thirds, which fit the dough well) Place a piece of parchment paper in the basket of the air fryer. How to air fry frozen pizza rolls/bites.

Cook for 3 minutes, and then fli p the pizza rolls. Brush olive oil on the basket of the air fryer. Place the basket in the air fryer and cook the pizza rolls.

Spread frozen pizza rolls in a single layer in air fryer basket. Brush olive oil over the top of the egg rolls. When it asks to add food, just open and shut your air fryer door to begin those 8 minutes.

Set the air fryer temperature to 375ºf, and set the time to 8 minutes. Add a single layer of pizza rolls to the air fryer basket. Place the frozen pizza bites in a single layer in the air fryer basket.

Add your pizza sauce, toppings, and cheese. Place the pizza rolls into the basket and arrange them about 1/2 inch apart. Push in basket and set air fryer to 380 degrees f.

Place the cooking tray with your pizza in the middle rack of your air fryer. Start by placing your pizza rolls in a single layer, in your air fryer trays ( i used my air fryer oven) or basket. After 8 minutes, check every 1 minute until the.

When cooking in the air fryer you have to leave space between each piece of food for an even cook. Dump frozen pizza rolls into air fryer basket, lay in single layer not overlapping. After 5 minutes, flip, and cook an additional 5 minutes until pizza rolls are cooked through.

Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees f for 5 minutes. Preheat air fryer to 380° fahrenheit. Cook your pizza rolls for 3 minutes, then flip.

3 cheese sticks, cut into thirds. Preheat air fryer to 380 degrees f (190°c). One of the hardest parts of making egg rolls is finding the wrappers in the store.

Set the pizza rolls in the basket with the cut side down leaving about an inch of space between them so they can rise. Let the pizza rolls cool enough to touch before transferring to a plate to enjoy. Assemble the rolls (see the detailed instructions in the post).

Add the pizza rolls in a single layer. Then continue to cook for another 3 minutes or so. They are don cooking when they are golden brown.

Put them back in for two more minutes at the same 380f. Cut each biscuit dough piece into 8 pieces (so one round biscuit becomes 8 pieces) in a small bowl, mix the pizza sauce. Set the temperature to 400 degrees fahrenheit and the timer to 5 minutes.

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How To Cook Uncle Ben's Rice In Instant Pot

Add some water, about twice the level of the rice. It is pretty much a 1:1 ratio, once you’ve rinsed your rice.

Wild Rice Pilaf Recipe Instapot Instant pot, Wild

Measure out 1.5 cups of rice.


How to cook uncle ben's rice in instant pot. Because it has a longer cooking time than white rice it won’t get soggy in the crockpot over a few hours. Uncle ben’s original rice is a common brand name of converted (parboiled) rice. Let the rice stand, covered, at room temperature for five minutes.

You can also just use water or get creative and add cilantro and garlic. Pour the contents of the pot in a sieve. Rice is such a frugal addition to meals, and there are endless tasty possibilities of meal options to make with it.

And uncle ben’s website says that washing this rice is not necessary. Because it has a longer cooking time than white rice it won’t get soggy in the crockpot over a few hours. But, because it is easier to cook than brown rice it is more evenly cooked by the time the rest of the meal is ready.

Add contents of wild rice and seasoning packet to the insert pot of the instant pot. This recipe will not work for uncle ben’s instant white rice. Remove bag from water and drain.

But, because it is easier to cook than brown rice it is more evenly cooked by the time the rest of the meal is ready. For 2 cups of rice, this sequence takes about 35 minutes. We used uncle ben’s long grain rice and i love better than bouillon for broth.

I use a similar method to what i use when i cook a box of uncle ben’s wild rice in the instant pot or when i. Parboiled rice is also referred to as converted rice. Whole grain rice is simple to prepare and even easier in the instant pot.

Saucepan boil 4 cups of water with desired amount of rice (use 6 cups of water when cooking the whole box of rice). Add the water to the rinsed rice. In a medium saucepan, combine 1 cup uncle ben’s converted rice and 2 to 1/4 cups water.

Wash the rice in cold water (optional) and place in a pot. Uncle ben’s original rice is a common brand name of converted (parboiled) rice. How much water should i put in uncle ben’s instant brown rice?

Just remember that water doesn’t cook off in the instant pot, so add only what you need. Like most types of rice, however, uncle ben's converted rice requires an exact volume of water and a fixed cooking time for the best results. Place the liner pot back into the instant pot or electric pressure cooker.

I suggest adding a little salt if you don’t use the broth. For cooking rice, polenta, or anything sticky in an instant pot, the person in our family who washes pots and pans is a big fan of the nonstick inner. 2 cups water or broth;

Select a cook time of 5 minutes at high pressure. I’ve had a few questions from readers about parboiled rice and thought it would be helpful to post a recipe on how to cook instant pot parboiled rice. This recipe calls for red rice, but brown rice cooks exactly the same.

A commonly available brand of parboiled rice is uncle ben’s rice, also known as ben’s original rice. To parboil the rice, follow these steps. Give a slight stir, then add 2 tbsp of unsalted butter and a pinch of salt.

Lock the lid and set the valve to sealing. Store white rice in a sealed container in a dry and dark place. If you want to cook more rice, double/triple the amount using the 1:1 rice:water ratio with the same cooking time.

Cook gently for 10 to 12 minutes or until rice is tender. Uncle ben's rice products provide a speedy side or main dish for a busy household. If any large clumps of seasoning remain, use a wooden spoon or spatula to break them apart.

Close lid and set the vent to the sealed position. Reduce to medium (50%) for 5 minutes. You can cook the rice on top of the stove, in a rice cooker or in the microwave.

What you need to make instant pot rice: It’s important to rinse the white rice under cold water until the water is clear. Tips for cooking rice in instant pot.

Pot boil 4 cups of water with desired amount of rice (use 6 cups of water if cooking the whole can of rice). How much water do i put in uncle ben’s instant brown rice? Saucepan, submerge one unopened bag of rice in 4 cups of boiling water (double the amount of water for two bags).**.

Because of the steaming process, parboiled rice requires a shorter cooking time than other varieties of rice. Set on the stove and leave to cook. Whether you're cooking the converted rice or instant rice products, uncle ben's rice cooking instructions vary depending on the product and cooking method.

Note when the water starts boiling and leave to cook for more 5 minutes. Cut open bag and pour contents into a serving dish.

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How Long Does Doordash Instant Pay Take

Drivers can also withdraw payment with the instant payment option but need to pay a fee of $1.99, which is slightly higher than ubereats. Fast pay is the doordash instant pay program for dasher in the u.s.

3/4 Sleeve Natural Cotton And Linen Casual Blouse Long

Can you make 200 a day with doordash?


How long does doordash instant pay take. Does doordash have a similar option? Can i still use fast pay with dasherdirect? To cash out daily for $1.99, set up fast pay.

The activation kit is mailed to new dashers who request this orientation method in available markets. May 26 2021 if the charge has been posted, you should expect your refund to appear on your statement within five to seven business days from the date listed in the refund email and in the app. You should see your earnings hit your account by wednesday each week.

About the dasher activation kit. You must follow up via email if, by chance, doordash does not get back to you in a few days after the submission of your application. If you plan on working 7 days per week, and assuming an average of 30 days per month, you will need to make $133 per day to reach that goal.

Does grubhub pay more than doordash? $120 in a week from about 5 hours of random doordashing. How to request an activation kit.

Does instacart pay for mileage? In july 2018, doordash introduced fast pay, which allows dashers to receive their earnings instantly. Gary's answer is clearly dated and as of now you can get instant pay through the doordash app without the need of “daily pay.” through the doordash app it costs you $1.99 to instantly cash your earnings out and you can only do it once per day (mid.

In doordash drivers get paid every week by direct deposit for all the deliveries completed between the previous monday to sunday. This means dashers can receive their earnings on demand through doordash, rather than waiting for their weekly direct deposit or using dasherdirect. Instacart says they pay mileage, but apparently, it’s not listed as a separate line item in issued paychecks, so it’s really hard to tell.

Fast pay gives dashers in the united states the ability to cash out their earnings daily for a small fee of $1.99. No, you can’t use fast pay with dasherdirect. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how the fast pay program works and how you can set it up.

Gary's answer is clearly dated and as of now you can get instant pay through the doordash app without the need of “daily pay.” through the doordash app it costs you $1.99 to instantly cash your earnings out and you can only do it once per day (midnight to midnight). Depending on your bank, direct deposits can take up to 3 days to process. They do not pay at all for miles traveling to the store to begin shopping.

This means that dashers can receive their earnings on demand through doordash, rather than waiting for their weekly direct deposit or using a third party service. On doordash’s website, they state that the feature is unavailable if you have their prepaid debit card. Instant payment option is also there with a fee of $.50.

How long does it take to get instant pay with doordash?. How long does it take doordash to refund a canceled order answered by: Fast pay gives dashers the ability to cash out their earnings daily for a small fee of $1.99.

Conversely, if you use fast pay, you’ll get to cash out your earnings for only $1.99 instantly. In this article, we will learn how the doordash fast pay works and how to set up and use the fast pay programs. You can use instant cashout as often as you like for a fee of $0.50 per transaction.

Doordash said its delivery drivers earned an average of $17.50 per hour in 2018, and it continues to collect feedback from drivers in the process of reevaluating its pay model. Doordash fast pay will allow dashers to receive their earnings from food delivery instantly. This kit includes everything you need to get started dashing!

In comparison to doordash, drivers have compared their earnings and describe grubhub pays slightly less than drivers of their competitor. We interviewed several drivers about what it’s like driving for doordash in late 2020, and what their predictions are for doordash in 2021. Just so, does doordash pay instantly?

How long does doordash background check take? (only available in the us) from the earnings tab of your dasher app, click the bank icon, then click “set up fast pay” to add in your card details. To get your first paycheck from doordash, it takes a week for them to confirm your bank, so a week.

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How To Cook Frozen Asparagus In Instant Pot

Stir in almonds, zest, juice, tarragon, salt, and pepper, and cook until sauce is aromatic, about 2 minutes. Close the lid and make sure the venting knob is set to sealing.

Instant Pot Steamed Vegetables Eating Instantly Recipe

Make sure valve is set to sealing.


How to cook frozen asparagus in instant pot. (you can cook for 1 minute if your asparagus spears are very thick.) Press the pressure cook or manual button and set the time to 0 (zero) minutes (vegetables will cook just enough while the instant pot is coming to pressure). Stir in the pieces of asparagus and put the lid back on.

Layer the cauliflower florets on the steamer basket. Add in your frozen vegetables. Turn the valve to sealing and set to high pressure for 10 minutes.

Press the manual button and set the time to zero minutes on high pressure. Pour the broth into the bottom of the instant pot. It’s best to use the frozen asparagus within 6 months, for the freshest possible outcome.

Remove the asparagus to a large dish, remove the trivet and get rid of the water. Turn off the heat and do a quick release. Close the lid and turn the valve to a sealing position.

If it’s exposed to the air at all, it will become freezer burnt quickly. Set cooker to the steam 2 setting; Put 1 tbsp of butter on top of each fillet.

Place steamer rack in instant pot. Pour cold water and lemon juice into an electric pressure cooker (such as instant pot®). Pour ½ cup (125ml) cold water and place a stainless steel steamer basket in instant pot.

Place a cup of water into your instant pot and add your steamer basket. Place stalks on the rack, lock the lid in place, and cook on high for 1 minute. Okay, any home cook will agree that garlic and butter are going to be able to save just about anything, and this holds true with frozen asparagus.

Cover and secure the lid. Add broth to the instant pot and lock lid in place. Set the manual/pressure cook button to 4 minutes on high pressure.

Place a steamer rack inside; For example, we added a vegetable medley of frozen carrots, frozen cauliflower and frozen broccoli. How to cook asparagus in an instant pot.

Just place the asparagus in and it does the work for you. Place the lid on the instant pot, set the valve to sealing and cook for 0 minutes on high pressure. Pressure cook at high pressure for 1 minute.

Place 1 lb (454g) asparagus on the steamer rack. Using a pressure cooker is so simple and quick. By the time the pressure builds, your asparagus will be perfectly steamed.

Arrange three frozen salmon fillets on top of the steamer rack, topped with a handful of dill and a slice of lemon on top of each. Place the asparagus on a steaming rack inside the instant pot and add 1 cup of water. Pour in 1 cup (250ml) cold water.

Put 1 cup of water into the instant pot and place the steaming rack on top. Close and seal the lid, and set the time to zero minutes on high pressure. If you’re looking to jazz up the skillet even further, throw in some scallions and bacon/pancetta, or top the veggie side with fresh herbs, a chimichurri , or gremolata.

Next, lock the lid, hit the “manual” button, and set it for five minutes. Pressure cook cauliflower in instant pot. You can also use the trivet that came with your instant pot.

Season again with a pinch of salt and pepper if you wish, according to taste. This means that when i open up the pot they are well. Close the lid and turn the venting knob to sealing position.

Then do a quick release when done. Select high temperature setting, and allow to preheat 1 minute. When the time is up move the valve to venting.

Close lid and steam valve and set to high pressure for 8 minutes. Lift out trivet and serve fish on plates with sides of veggies. Cooking asparagus in an instant pot is a way of steaming it.

When the instant pot is done cooking, quick release (qr) the steam. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Place the pot back inside and set the instant pot to sauté.

It will still be good up to 12 months, but you’ll noticed a definitely decline by then. Arrange the asparagus on the steaming rack of your instant pot and add 1 cup of water. This is one thing i definitely prefer to cook in the instant pot over the crock pot!

Add water and frozen vegetables to the instant pot. Set instant pot to saute and add butter, onions, and asparagus. Add the cooked asparagus, lemon juice, salt and pepper and toss through to coat.

(learn more about how to cook asparagus in an. Place asparagus on a platter. Add butter and let melt, about 1 minute.

Here are some tips and tricks for cooking frozen chicken breasts in the instant pot: Pour one cup of liquid (¾ cup water, ¼ cup lemon juice) into the bottom of the instant pot, then place the steamer insert above it. Select sauté setting on cooker.

Once the bottom is hot, add the lemon zest, garlic, and olive oil and saute for 1 minute, stirring a few times.

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How To Boil Chicken For Dogs Instant Pot

Add in salt, curry powder, the seasonings, and onion. Allow the pressure to release naturally.

Instant Pot Whole Chicken, cook a rotisserie style whole

Once water is boiling, use tongs to immerse the hot dogs in the water.


How to boil chicken for dogs instant pot. Chop the onions or cut into at least 6 parts before adding to the water so the water gets its full flavor. Place the pan on a high heat burner and allow it to come to the boil. Seal and use rice setting or set manually on high for 10 minutes.

To cook chicken for dogs you will have to get boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Press manual button to 6 minutes, and let natural release. So here is a dish of some modified recipes i put together.

Scale back the warmth to a low simmer and prepare dinner for 2 hours. If you are cooking instant pot hot dogs in bulk you may increase pressure cook time to 2 minutes. Place chicken breasts in instant pot with 1 cup low sodium chicken broth.

Flip your burners on excessive and produce the liquid to a boil. Cover, set your instant pot to “pressure cook” for 20 minutes. The vinegar works to extract minerals and nutrients out of the raw bones, but the flavor of vinegar will.

Great recipe for chicken & noodles instant pot ip. Place in the large pot, add the double amount of water and boil on high heat. • boil the chicken for 12 minutes or until fully cooked over high heat.

Use enough water to go about halfway up the pile of hot dogs. Cook the chicken for 12 minutes on high heat for the best results. Cook on low pressure for 2 minutes, or 1 minute on high pressure followed by a quick release

In a large mixing bowl, combine the chicken and the rice. Add sausage, rice, reserved seasonings and dried onion to instant pot; Add the chicken breasts to a pot and cover with water.

And it turns out really good. Add chicken and broth and gently toss again. Switch on the heat on the gas stove and boil it.

Get 3 boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Fill a large pan with water. Lamb and rice dog food can help those dogs that have allergic reactions to other types of ingredients.

Once cool, pull chicken from bones and set aside or refrigerate until needed. Add clean water (cool water). When the water is boiled, you can turn down the heat a little bit.

Do not fill past 3/4 mark inside pot. 5 recipes of boiled chicken for dogs. Remove the chicken skin and dice, cut thinly, or shred.

Bring the water to a rolling boil and boil the breasts for 12 minutes. Reduce heat to a gentle boil. Now you can place the chicken liver in a pot which is clean.

So my daughter gifted me this instant pot. How to boil hot dogs in 5 easy steps. This is a classic recipe for a dog that has an upset stomach.

Remove all the skins and bones as it is necessary for the safety of the dogs.remove chicken, let cool and shred or chop the meat.remove the chicken from the instant pot and set aside on a cutting board. In older dogs, coconut oil helps keep their metabolism going strong. Put the fresh, defrosted breasts in a pot and fill with water until the breasts are completely submerged.

How to boil chicken thighs. Then, fill the pot with water until all of the chicken breasts are submerged to make sure they cook evenly. • shred the cooked chicken and lay it.

Place boneless chicken thighs in the instant pot. Once you’ve filled the pan, cover it with a lid and boil the chicken for 12 minutes over high heat. Add enough water to submerge the chicken completely.

Shred up the chicken, either with forks, or i use my trusty kitchenaid mixer. Bring the water to a boil on high heat and continue to cook the chicken for another 12 minutes. At the same time, measure and rinse the buckwheat groats.

Leave 2 inches of space at the top so the water doesn’t boil over. The pot should have 1 inch of water for each 10 pieces of liver that you add to the pot. Fill your instant pot with water until the water is just covering the chicken bones.

How do you bulk cook hot dogs? Place the eggs within the giant pot with sufficient water to cowl them. And while this is instant pot homemade dog food with chicken, you can substitute the chicken for pork, beef, turkey, etc.

Bring the chicken and rice mixture to a boil then reduce heat and cook until chicken is completely done and water has been absorbed (you’ll want the rice a little overdone.) remove from heat and cool then shred the chicken; Place the chicken leg and thigh quarters within the inventory pots and add sufficient water to cowl the meat. Dogs, unlike humans, enjoy plain cooked chicken.

Boil the chicken in a deep pot and keep the bones in during boiling the chicken as it will add minerals from the bones to the water. In a separate pot, bring the chicken breasts to a boil in enough water to cover them completely. Add a cup of water.

This is the entire cooking process in a nutshell. The ip does cut the total time down, and it is pretty easy, and the results were really good. Drain the chicken and shred it with a fork after it has been submerged in water.

Place the chicken thighs in a pot and cover with water.

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How To Cook Frozen Meatballs In Instant Pot

When the cook time ends, use a quick pressure release. Add some chunky pasta sauce after cooking to thicken it up.

Add all the Frozen Meatballs Crock pot meatballs

Pressure cook with high pressure for 5 minutes and vent immediately.


How to cook frozen meatballs in instant pot. Add frozen meatballs, bbq sauce, and honey, spreading the sauce over the meatballs. (don't place them all in one direction). Here are the best cuts of meat to cook from frozen in your instant pot:

Set to pressure high for 5 minutes. Press the pressure cook button and set to high, then cook for 5 minutes. Place meatballs back in instant pot and cook on high pressure for 8 minutes.

Brown your meatballs before removing and adding 2 tablespoons of flour to 2 cups of beef stock. Mix so sauce is coating all meatballs. Insert the steamer basket into the pressure cooker and add water.

Instant pot will take longer to come to pressure but cooking time remains the same. Then follow by adding the sauce. Add the meatballs and stir to coat.

When it comes to cooking frozen meat in your instant pot, it is best to do so with smaller cuts of meat. Close lid and steam valve. Cover the instant pot, seal, select pressure cook (or manual), set to high and set the time to 5 minutes.

Remove all the meatballs and vegetables to a bowl. Cook for 8 minutes on high pressure. Close the lid turn pressure release valve to sealing and pressure cook.

Secure the lid, seal the vent, and cook meatballs on manual high pressure for 7 minutes. As the frozen meatballs release a lot of water during cooking, the sauce can be a little thin. Break the spaghetti noodles in half and randomly place over the meat.

Add all ingredients to instant pot in the order in which they are listed, stirring sauce ingredients and adding meatballs over top (make sure they are frozen!) place lid on instant pot and make sure valve is set to seal. Add in the frozen meatballs. If you’re using standard, fully cooked frozen meatballs from the grocery store, a cook time of 5 minutes at high pressure is usually sufficient.

Add the frozen meatballs to the instant pot. How to cook frozen meatballs in an instant pot. Pressure cook on high pressure for 5 minutes.

Place your lid on and set the valve to sealing and press the pressure cook button/manual button and set the timer to 4 minutes. Once deglazed, add the marinara, remaining broth, risoni, and frozen meatballs. Once the meatballs are done cooking drain the instant pot and return the meatballs to.

In a small bowl, combine garlic, ginger, brown sugar, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce. Set valve to sealed position. Freeze for up to 3 months and.

Add frozen meatballs into the bottom of 6 quart instant pot. Put the lid on the pot and set the knob to sealing. After cooking, do a quick release.

Add in the water to your instant pot liner. Stir everything together and seal the instant pot. Cook pasta in a pot on the stove top according to package instructions while the meatballs are cooking.drain the water, and combine the cooked meatballs with the pasta in the instant pot before serving.

The beauty of a pressure cooker. How long frozen meatballs need to cook in the instant pot depends on the size of the meatballs and whether they were fully cooked before freezing. Add chopped peppers, onions, and mushrooms to the top.

Freezing, storing and serving meatballs. How to make instant pot spaghetti and meatballs in 3 easy steps. Place lid on the pot.

Place raw meatballs on a baking sheet for a few hours and then transfer to a ziploc bag. Top with the pasta or spaghetti sauce. The best frozen meat to cook in your instant pot.

How to cook frozen meatballs in the instant pot add all the sauce ingredients to the instant pot and stir. Add in 1 cup water. The first thing you need to do is add the water to your instant pot liner.

Add the water and sauce to the bottom of the ip. Cook frozen meatballs in instant pot just like fresh. How to cook instant pot frozen meatballs.

Select sauté on your pressure cooker. Add in the pasta sauce, no not stir. Meat such as beef chunks, chicken breasts, chicken wings, and ground beef can all be cooked easily from frozen.

How to cook frozen meatballs in an instant pot. Press pressure cook or manual button and set time to 6 minutes. Oil the instant pot insert then add the frozen meatballs, don’t try and mash them and you can layer them;

Close the instant pot and place the knob to sealing. Once the instant pot stops counting quick release the pressure via the valve. Pour over the tomatoes, water, vinegar and herbs.

Add grape jelly, water, chili sauce and sriracha to your instant pot. Pour in the water, then cover with the diced tomatoes. Whisk together until smooth and then dump in your frozen meatballs.

To cook the meatballs (frozen or unfrozen): Once completed, quick release and stir before serving. Next, press the manual or pressure cook for 4 minutes, high.

Place trivet in the bottom of the instant pot liner. Let it natural release for another 4 minutes, if you want. When the valve drops, carefully remove the lid.

Add a few tablespoons of broth to deglaze the pot. Add frozen meatballs on top of the sauce.

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