How To Score A Mule Deer On The Hoof

This deer weighed 150 pounds and scored 138“ p&y. Most good guys who do it for a living would sooner give their wife's cup size than an on the hoof score that can come home to haunt them after the.

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This article will cover the basics on field scoring whitetails by defining.


How to score a mule deer on the hoof. The only blacktail that surpasses the typical mule deer minimum score. Whether you are aging whitetail deer or aging mule deer or just about any deer, learning these skills will help you become a better hunter. Keep in mind that there are mule deer areas where, genetically, it is common for no browtines or weak browtines, even for big mature deer.

A certain percentage of our hunters that hunt already know how to field judge trophy whitetails, but a lot of our incoming hunters have never even seen a 120 inch buck on the hoof. At this point, you have three metrics that you can solely use to determine if a buck is a mature, 160″+ deer, in 95% of cases. Request a score sheet from the fish, wildlife and parks if you have a mule deer tag in your area.

We feel it is our job as a whitetail outfitting service to educate our hunters and the general public in regard to scoring whitetail deer. Buck score + aging deer of the hoof. How to score mule deer on the hoof show notes:

Opt to print out a pdf of the scoring sheet or click directly on the link that reads, “typical mule deer & blacktail.”. This is the biggest mule deer i’ve ever seen on the hoof…or in the truck. Hover over the tab entitled “big game records.”.

In the following narrative we will attempt to assist you how to score a whitetail deer. Assuming you want to shoot older bigger deer, you want to know how old the buck is before it is dead and you examine the teeth. Unfortunately mule deer ears will vary in length from 9 to 10 inches depending on the unit or state.

Mike eastman shares his strategy to field judging elk. The way to learn is to estimate on the hoof and verify with a tape. In my experience wyoming and idaho mule deer, tip to tip, will vary from 21 to 23 inches.

Scoring bucks on the hoof and in the field is important, but not nearly as important as aging deer on the hoof. Cameron’s buck, a 225 pound, 128” p&y, was the first to fall. For example, if you’re looking at a buck and estimate his inside antler spread is 1″ past his ears, assuming his ears are 21″ apart, then you can come up with an approximate.

My good friend marlon holden, the gray light hunter is discussing his technique for scoring mule. It takes more than just being 30 inches wide to make a truly huge mule deer. It is not a winning game to try to learn to visually measure live deer from looking at dead deer, though it is better than nothing.

Magic is in the air, and big mule deer bucks on our minds. The autumn air is crisp in the high country, and mule deer seasons across the west are about to open. One of the first signifiers of an older buck is antler mass.

Field judging whitetail deer or scoring on the hoof is a requirement for every whitetail hunter who wishes to harvest a record book animal without making a mistake and shooting a buck that is simply too small. We estimated his age at 4 ½ years. Finally, at the tail end of the season, triple browtine got killed one mile north of our property.

Hunters hunted for meat forever, and so when you shot a big bodied animal, that’s why people wanted to know how big the animal you shot was. The previous two years we’d hit the end of the season, when the rut would be peaking—but the weather was awful. If you use the ears as a guide to judge antler spread, you can get in the ball park with a guesstimate.

Most mule deer hunters get caught up in the outside spread when in reality, the actual measurement taken will be on the inside spread of the main beams. Learn how to judge trophy elk before you make a stalk or shot. Which one is more important to you as you hunt?

Taking these tips to the field could make the difference on the next time you go trophy elk hunting. We argued whether he was a 3 ½ or 4 ½ years old. In addition some bucks in certain units will have bigger heads adding to the ear tip to ear tip length.

Guide to aging deer on the hoof. Mule deer are one of the most deceptive animals when it comes to accurately trying to judge their antler score while on the hoof. Scroll and select “scoring your trophy.”.

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Mule Deer Antler Drawings

A legal buck deer is defined as a buck with an outside antler spread of the main beams of 20 inches or greater. The way of a buck with a pregnant doe by ginger robinson.

C101) Mule Deer on Alert, Authentic Deer Antler & Metal

Price is for 1 antler.

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Mule deer antler drawings. To gather the most harvest data possible, tpwd will offer incentives to hunters who check their harvest. Deer drawing step by step. The reproduction process we use for all of our chandeliers and products starts with these antlers.

The outside spread of the main beams of a harvested mule deer must be at least 20 inches. See more ideas about mule deer, deer, deer drawing. 17 in the panhandle and southwestern panhandle and nov.

2, with the general firearm season occurring nov. It was an excellent way to start the day. This particular morning i was heading out with my kayak to photograph birds and i came across a few nice mule deer bucks in great morning back light.

Hunters who bring their harvest to a check station will be entered in drawings for items such as rifles, lifetime hunting licenses, and gift cards donated by dallas safari club, the texas panhandle. This cast resin mule deer faux antler is a perfect addition to any rustic decor or even modern decor. Antler reference ultimate deer antler guide wip by.

Austin — with the mule deer hunting season opening this saturday, the texas parks and wildlife department is reminding hunters about experimental antler restriction regulations in place in seven. 2, with the general firearm season occurring nov. The texas parks and wildlife department is implementing new experimental regulations that prohibits harvest of any mule deer buck with a main beam outside spread of less than 20 inches starting.

If you plan to hunt mule deer in briscoe, childress, cottle, floyd, hall or motley counties, there is a new experimental antler regulation. Mule deer are the largest of the five types of deer (mule, whitetail, columbia blacktail, sitka blacktail, and couses') in north america. The shapely curved mule deer antlers are crafted into a grand and unique design that is as sturdy as it is eye catching!

Choose your favorite deer antler drawings from 319 available designs. Hunters taking to the field for mule deer season in six southeast panhandle counties are encouraged to take a closer look before pulling the trigger as new antler restriction regulations take effect. Mule deer between 3½ to 4½ years old made up 44 percent of the harvest and 5.5 and older were.

Mule deer buck in morning light by archie richardson. An experimental antler restriction for mule deer bucks applies in briscoe, childress, cottle, floyd, hall, lynn and motley counties: Free cliparts pictures provides you with 10 antlers drawing reference clip arts.

The mule deer antler end table is as stylish in design and contemporary in looks of a deer antler end table as you'll see anywhere! 2, with the general firearm season occurring nov. Antlers svg bundle deer antlers svg file for cricut antler design elements vector image clip art png dxf esp deer horns silhouette.

The general mule deer season starts nov. Mule deer antler restriction incentives. Deer antlers drawing isolated on white background.

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Mule Deer Skull Drawing

Mule deer antler wall skull categories of 83kb 728×576 Happy deer skull drkav deviantart deer skull drawing.

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Check out our mule deer skull selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our taxidermy & curiosities shops.


Mule deer skull drawing. See more ideas about mule deer, deer, deer drawing. See more ideas about deer, deer skulls, deer drawing. The skull measures 10 long x 5 1/2 wide at the eye sockets.

Tattoos art cool tattoos draw body. The shrew in our area is trowbridge’s shrew. Deer skull illustration cattle horns water color deer antlers deer skull vector antlers watercolor animal skull skull decoration deer skull isolated bohemian image deer head watercolor.

Download 1,200+ royalty free deer skull vector images. See deer skull stock video clips. Deer skull with target vector design template.

Painted deer skull, zentangle, deer skull, drawing on skull, handmade, handpainted this mule deer doe skull is painted white and then zentangled with permanent ink and sealed. Silhouette deer with great antler animal vector illustration. Animal skull , deer skull hd clipart 93kb 800×800:

Illustration of a deer skull with antlers. Deer order (artiodactyla) mule deer. (the enamel of the tips of their teeth is reddish due to iron pigment.

Abstract art colorful geometric svg abstract ai animal background black blue cartoon clip art clipart color comic decoration design drawing eps flag girl green icon illustration. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw a deer skull deer is a very innocent animal. Tattoos art cool tattoos draw body art tattoos flower tattoo designs animal tattoos deer skull drawing line art.

Deer skull png (112+ images download 245kb 1280×1600: 5 out of 5 stars. Mule deer skull clipart buck deer skull clipart kicking mule clipart free vector deer skull deer skull clip art deer skull clip art deer skull clip art free deer.

The deer skull tattoo on the forearm. The iron deposits serve to harden the Deer skull outline deer skull drawing, skull coloring.

Deer skull with ducks vector design template. Deer skull and flowers by shewolf444 on deviantart. Deer skull illustration, drawing, engraving, ink, line art, vector whitetail deer skull and eight point antlers on a forest floor.

Mule deer skull with butterfly, ink pen on paper, 11.5×14 White tailed deer drawing antler free download 68kb 728×514: Deer skull drawing earth clipart 197kb 880×958:

Drawing antlers white tailed deer illustrations and clipart 148kb 920×862: Deer skull illustration, drawing, engraving, ink, line art, vector. Mule deer skull and antlers utah sunset cliff rock slick slickrock game ewe run jump jumping running herd mammal deer skull on a metal gate on a cold snowy winter day.

Deer daddy series 3 rope play drawing. There is the deer skull ink on the background of the confederate battle flag, called “southern cross.” it is located on the forearm and represents the 13 white stars, inscribed in the blue diagonal cross, situated on a red background. Silhouette deer on white background.

The best selection of royalty free deer skull vector art, graphics and stock illustrations.

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How To Score A Mule Deer Shed Antler

How to score a shed antler the american seaweed (cervus canadensis) resembles the red deer of europe and asia and is now considered by mammologists as belonging to the same species. To be counted a point, the projection must be at least one inch long, with length exceeding width at one inch or more of length.

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Number of points on each antler:


How to score a mule deer shed antler. In order for your deer antlers to be eligible for the buckmasters trophy records, they must have a minimum score of 140 inches for all deer harvested by firearm and 105 inches for all deer harvested by bow and arrow or crossbow. The 2004 shed is a heavy 5 point in perfect natural brown condition. Beam tip is counted as a point but not measured as a point.

All points are measured from tip of point to nearest edge of beam. We hunt as much for the experience, meat, antler uniqueness and character as we do for a high scoring deer. One side is a self stander on its side.

1 mule deer antler in the shed antler records of north american big game maintained by the north american shed hunters club. The mule deer is a deer indigenous to western north america; The red deer is smaller in scotland where it is about the size of a mule deer.

Whitetail deer shed before mule deer, in december or january. But on the continent, it is larger and gradually becomes larger to the east in asia. This is the distance between the tip of the right antler and the tip of the left antler.

Western blacktail deer (typical) 110: The same deer at 10 years (a) and at 14 years of age, just prior to his death (b). In late winter and early spring, deer shed their antlers and begin the growth process again.

Take the measurement from the front of the antlers. 1 mule deer antler in the shed antler records of north american big game maintained by the north american shed hunters club. Another notable feature of the buckmasters trophy records is their whitetail deer antler categories.

This is a migratory mountain buck, so he has a dark natural color. There are categories for rifle, archery, archery velvet, black powder, and shed antler. Yeah hi guys, what’s going on guys, we are going to do a little video here today for you on scorn, antlers we’re just going to.

A flexible steel cable can be used to measure points and main beams only.) enter fractional figures in eighths, without reduction. Rather than trying to track down a scoring expert, wildlife biologist or taxidermist, why not learn how you can quickly and Write down all your measurements on your score sheet or using the boone and crockett club online form.

Another deer at maturity (c) and the year of his death (d). Get details and official rules on the frow website. Either way, the right side ranks as the no.

Do a quick breakdown really quick on how this goes the name of each time on the scoresheet and where deploy your measurements from and how you should take them. It is named for its ears, which are large like those of the mule. This is usually a small measurement because.

Closer to the end of fall, deer antlers begin to lose blood flow and shed their velvet covering. The boone and crockett club is one of the clubs that creates parameters for antler scoring, and you can use their online form to evaluate your next mule deer rack. Point totals do not add into the final score.

It is shed season, the time when whitetail bucks shed, or drop, their antlers. This is the perfect time to find antlers. Rough score 73 1/4 the 2003 right shed was found in 2004 so it has faded, but it is a nice smooth antler.rough score 73 3/4 neither of these has any chews or breaks.

How to score deer antler. Nonetheless, a high scoring mule deer is always an achievement and would be icing to any mule deer hunt. How to score a mule deer antler.

Free shipping if you buy 2 or more whitetail racks or shed sets that total $500 or more!! Abnormal points are deducted off the. The minimum score requirements for entry into the northwest big game record books, for all four states we cover (oregon, washington, idaho, and montana) are listed below.

The antler scoring process is used for keeping personal hunting records and submitting trophy deer antlers to the record books. Mule deer ~~racks and shed sets~~ click here to go to home page email:

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