How To Roller Skate Backwards Smoothly


To learn to roller skate, all you need is roller skates, right? One is known as a sealed casing, the other is a shielded (also referred to as serviceable) casing. Finding Your Happy Place In Your Walls Roller Derby for After you remove it, grab the isopropyl alcohol and submerge the bearings in it. How […]

How To Roller Skate Backwards Crossovers


To learn how to roller skate backwards, it takes a large amount of time. Today, kids need help and encouragement to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. HOW TO DO A CROSSOVER! Roller Skate Roller Next, you need to transition your weight on the left skate while lifting the right skate. How to […]

How To Roller Skate Backwards Fast


Well, that was over 20 years ago, and my feet and legs have apparently developed alzheimer’s. So this is how it looks when you start moving in a little bit of motion on the side, toes together, small steps, let your feet roll, arms are under control, and roll. How motherhood is like roller derby […]

How To Roller Skate Backwards Inline


First, you must know all the basics of. And when it comes to roller skating backwards, it requires even more practice. Backwards blocking… Roller derby, Derby girl, Roller girl To start, push yourself forward on the left skate and with your right skate build up speed. How to roller skate backwards inline. I would recommend […]

How To Roller Skate Backwards Youtube


Step and roll is a platform designed to celebrate and document the culture of roller skating. By repeating the simple motion of bringing your toes together and then moving your heels apart, you will move backwards on your skates. Unboxing and First Impressions of the Moxi Jack Boot Start off rolling backwards on a flat […]